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May 5th, 2017

Ouzo Bay

201 Plaza Real
Boca Raton FL, 33432
(561) 757-0082


Hours: Sun-Wed 4p-10p, Thu-Sat 4p-12a
Parking: Metered Plaza
CC: Yes


Another greek restaurant opened in Boca; this one trying to go high end. The problem with Greek food is that's it's cheap food; so they have to do tricks to jack up the prices. Like fancy presentation and the "whole fish" experience. You can only do so much with Fish and lamb chops with lemon juice and oil.

They're openly advertising that the bar is open 2 hours after the restaurant is closed, which of course is in violation of their SFS liquor license. At least pretend to follow the rules; it's like they're thumbing their nose as the ABT and the whole dopey licensing system in Florida.

This place seems a lot like Lobster Bar Sea Grill; trying to cater to people with more money than brains. Expensive restaurants have fallen like lead balloons in this part of town before. Think 3 Forks, Philippe Chow, Zed451, Moquila. Boca Ratoneans are frugal people.

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