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Aug 9th, 2017

Greek Spice Grill

2103 E Commercial Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308
754 200-6209
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Hours: M-F 11am-11pm, Sat 11am-12am, Sun 11am-10pm
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Wine and Beer
Outdoor: No
Reservations: No


Suitable for Eat In
Free Parking
Better than Gyroville


Can't Get a Gyro without Unwanted French Fries

Critic's Review

I felt like a Gyro, and there aren't many choices in town. I was on Commercial for another reason, so I decided to try this place again.

I don't like the fact that I can't just get a Gyro here; I have to pay for unwanted french fries. French Fries are how bad restaurants make you pay for a "meal" as if a 1200 calorie Gyro isn't enough calories at lunch.

The counter area hasn't changed at all, except the workers not all speak spanish. Nothing like a Greek restaurant run by a bunch of Latinos.

They've covered up the big creepy mirror with a big mural; also kind of creepy but not as bad as the mirror.

Considering that mine was the only order they were working on, it took quite a while to warm the pita. More than 10 minutes.

On the ride home it was smelling pretty good; mostly the fries which I wasn't planning on eating. When I got home I opened up the bag.

I'd ordered it with no lettuce (because lettuce doesn't go on a Gyro) and the tomatoes looked decent. Further inspection showed that they rooked me on the onions. I mean seriously, did a human being make this? What is wrong with people in this stupid city? Notice the cheap Sysco special catsup; they save a couple of pennies and give you Ketchup that tastes like crap. "Chef's Quailty" brand. Remember to avoid any food or restaurant with the word "chef" in it.

Luckily I had a red onion; Gyros should have red onions. Back on Long Island there was this 200 year old Greek guy who ran a place named Aegean Pizza right next to my office; he put so many onions on the Gyro that I started asking for "light on the onions".

Much better. I tasted the Tzakziki and it wasn't bad, so for the first time in a while I wouldn't have to make my own.

The meat was pretty mild and wasn't grilled; a surprise at a place named Greek Spice Grill. Usually meat is cut from the spit and then grilled. This wasn't bad with the additional onions but it would have been a big fail if I was eating this on the road.


I get why it's hard to find a bunch of Greeks to work at your restaurant, but why can't you show the Latino kids how one is supposed to be made? It's 4 ingredients and sauce; why can't I get one made right anywhere? And if they're going to make me pay for Fries I don't want, can I at least get some Heinz Ketchup with them?

Review 1/13/14

Greek Spice Grill bought out Pasta's Pizza and quickly opened; it appears that they didn't do too much more than slap a sign on the building and unload Big Louie's pizza oven; a device that never could make a decent pizza.

Inside it has the same furniture; televisions act as menus, which I guess makes it easier to change up the menu and prices. They still have the big creepy mirror that guarantees that you'll either have the sun in or eyes or you'll be looking at yourself, so I decided to do take out.

Their "greek" salad is a Village Salad (or Horiatiki), and I didn't really want that. I went for the Mediterranean salad which is said to include roasted red peppers, feta cheese, radishes and olives. I paid the $7.91 and headed home.

The salad looked fine; there were no radishes and 2 olives, so basically a feta and red pepper salad.

The peppers were clearly house made; a pretty good salad. Maybe $1 too much. I ended up eating half of it with some tuna salad and banking the rest. I'll probably add some cucumbers and tomatoes to the leftovers.

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