Last Update: Feb 22nd, 2021
Vincenzo's Fort Lauderdale

Vincenzo's NY To Chicago Pizzeria

4370 N. Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308
954 493-9790
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Parking: Private Lot
CC: Cash Only


Decent Pizza


Way Overpriced

Critic's Review

I've been craving a meatball parm sub lately, but for my first shot here I wanted to try the pizza. They have a sign in the parking lot and in the front window pushing a "special", just $6.99 for 2 slices and a drink. How is this a special? More on this later.

Vincenzo's Entrance

No problem distancing in here. This place has had some interesting configurations; this one is definitely the most sterile.

Vincenzo's Inside

I ordered a slice to go. As the slice was ready and I was ready to pay, I noticed the "Cash Only" sign.

Vincenzo's Cash Only

Some comedy with the Tip Jar; as if I'm tipping for a $3 slice.

"Three Dollars" he said, as I reached for my wallet. Luckily I had cash. At this point he tells me there's a special; the correct time to mention the special is BEFORE the food is ready. I decided to challenge him.

"How is $6.99 a special? You're giving me a drink for only $1"? He had no answer for this.

The regular price for 2 slices and a water is $7.50. $6.99 isn't going to entice me to buy a second slice and a bottle of water than I really don't want. I mocked the same special for $6 at Amelia's Brooklyn Pizza less than a year ago; and Amelia's is an actual restaurant.

I ate the slice in the car. A smallish slice.

Vincenzo's Slice $3

Crisp on the bottom; a pretty good slice. The good thing about a new pizzeria is that the ovens are clean. I've been on a strict diet since august so I haven't had much pizza.

Vincenzo's Slice

Even the crust was edible. This would be a candidate for a full pie test if it wasn't so expensive.


The problem here is the lack of business sense. The name of the business is too long. A template website with no menu. And the prices here are out of whack. $22 for a 1 topping 18" pizza is simply too much. $14.50 for a chicken caesar salad? $12.50 for wings with blue cheese? $15 for a calzone? Does the owner think this is a restaurant or something?

Take out is supposed to be cheap; the place is a dump. You have low rent; low overhead. The prices need to be lower. An 18" pizza is still only $2 worth of food. Times Square down the road charges $8.75 for a calzone and $2.25 less for a meatball sub.

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