Last Update: Nov 29th, 2021
Christmas on Las Olas Street

Christmas on Las Olas 2021

Christmas on Las Olas 2021 is Tuesday November 30. It looks like it's going to be a really nice evening for a change; in past years it's been pretty cold. Last year there was no COLA; we'll see how many people are willing to brave the crowds with Covid still hanging around.

Some tips. Go Early. It gets uncomfortably crowded later on in the evening, and it's going to get colder as the night wears on; it's predicted to be 63 at 6pm and 56 at 11pm. Down here that's the difference between a sweater and mittens and earmuffs.

2015 Christmas on Las Olas

Christmas on Las Olas Tree

Thanksgiving is over, so it's time for Christmas on Las Olas. COLA is on Tuesday December 1, which happens to be Tomorrow.

Construction is underway, although it looks like a wet one.

Christmas on Las Olas Platform Construction

if you're bored out of your mind and want to watch them building platforms, you can see the current progress by viewing the Webcam.

Those of you from here know what you're getting here; if you're from somewhere else, it's the biggest party of the year on Las Olas Blvd. The usual barricades are put up and Las Olas from the Cheesecake Factory to Tuscan Grill is transformed into a winter wonderland. Its a big family night, as children's choirs perform and its a free event where you can bring to kids to see the decorations.

No "Christmas" Event would be complete without Santa.

Santa at Christmas on Las Olas

Whether its 55 or 80 degrees, there will be snow. Snow machine will be strategically located on the tops of the stores and they'll be blowing snow over the blvd. Just flurries; you don't have to worry about wearing boots or anything like that.

Christmas on Las Olas Snow Machine

Something that's happened in recent years is that this event has become so crowded that it's downright uncomfortable. 5 years ago, you would just walk down the street with a glass of wine and enjoy the event. Recently, it's been so crowded that I find myself trying to find refuge. Fighting the crowd doesn't seem worth it to me.

Christmas on Las Olas 2010 Crowd

if you think that Christmas on Las Olas isn't all about money; think again. These street events are a gift to Las Olas stores and restaurants; it's their biggest day of the year by far. ATM machines illustrate the point nicely.

Colo atm

A big thing is kids in Choirs singing on big platforms set up in the street. It's great for the parents; no so great to me.

Christmas on Las Olas Choir

Christmas on Las Olas is not just a day for the kids. The restaurants will be packed with people as well as people do tend to enjoy adult beverages during these affairs. So don't expect to waddle down to Las Olas and hop into a seat at the bar. This is a Tuesday night like no other.

While the tree has been up for weeks, the full lighting will be on display; the tree is located in the plaza in front of YOLO

Christmas Tree Downtown Fort Lauderdale

They do a great job of decorating Las Olas Blvd. If you don't live here it's a great opportunity to see it all lit up at night.

Christmas on Las Olas 2010

It all starts at 6pm. Come one. Come all. It's a Jolly good time.

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I didn't attend, but the streets looked empty and Salt 7 was empty.
Figures it's going to be the first really cold day of the fall. It seems like it's always cold for this!

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