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Jan 7th, 2011

Whiskey Tango Pays When the Heat Lose

Figuring that the Miami Heat would win a lot more games than they lose, Whiskey Tango is running a promotion where they'll pay everyone's tab whenever the Miami Heat Lose. They became a big story when the Heat started the season 9-8, resulting in Whiskey Tango buying $30K worth of bar tabs (about a $10K cost).

Now that the Heat have gone 19-1 the tides have certainly turned in Whisky Tango's favor.

Usually when such promotions are run, such as paying some large sum if someone can make a half-court basketball shot, the promoter will buy an insurance policy which limits their loss. Whiskey Tango has no such policy.

It has to be strange in the place. So does everyone root against the Heat so they get free drinks? When the Heat are down by 15 with 5 minutes to play does everyone start ordering up shots?

Now that the Heat seem like a sure thing virtually every night I wonder about the value of the promotion going forward.

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