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Dec 18th, 2017

Whiskey Jack's

1309 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301



It looks like Whiskey Jack's is toast; The building was purchased by the group that owns Bokampers. No word yet on what is planned.

What's curious is that they paid $3.8M for it; the parcel was last sold for $1.8M in 2013. It's highly unlikely that the value doubled in 3 years. It probably has something to do with the fact the Rocco Mangel bought the Rocco's Taco's building for $5M in 2015.


The name of the venue will be Whiskey Jack's. It looks like they got past the people in the neighborhood who don't want this end of Las Olas to become a parking mess.


The owners of McSorley's and Stout Irish Pub will be opening another pub in a building in-between the old M-Bar and Rocco's Tacos. They purchased the building last year for $1.85 million. With Tim Petrillo opening Knife and Balls in the M Bar and Big Time Restaurants opening a big new restaurant at Solita; there's going to be a lot more action on this end of the Blvd; assuming people can find a place to park. The big issue down here is the that there isn't nearly as much parking here.

These big players are butting egos; each betting that their concepts will be so compelling that people will be willing to deal with potentially nightmarish parking.

Construction has begun, but they haven't filed a Plan Review or for a Fictitious name yet, so no word on the name of the new venue.

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Too Many Bokampers?
Bokamper's on Oakland Park told me this weekend than in addition to Bo's Beach House or whatever they are in fact opening something at this location.

Won't that be a lot of Bokamper's (3 of them) very close to each other?
This location is a mistake; they don't understand Fort Lauderdale. The people who come to this area are the same people at the beach; the beach tourist crowd. Nobody inland is going to come to this location when they can go to Oakland Park with lots of parking and easier access.

It's certainly not worth the $5M they're going to put into it. The space is 1/2 the size of the Fork and Balls properly next to it that has 2 empty restaurants that sold for $4M a couple of years ago. It's 6000 sq ft, so IF they value it at the $50/sqft Petrillo can't get next door, that's a 4% ROI after property taxes.
Too Many Bokampers ?
The Balcony ?!
There's no food service license application at this address that I can find, so it's surprising that they're staffing already.
Permits show 800K+ to build this baby. No FB posts since February. McSorley's still up for sale AFAIK.
Word is that they're getting strong resistance from the neighborhood, so it's questionable if and when this is going to happen. It doesn't look like they've done much since this picture was taken in April.

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