Dec 24th, 2018
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Dec 24th, 2017

Christmas in Fort Lauderdale 2018

So you're in Fort Lauderdale for Christmas. That could mean a number of things: you stayed in town and are not spending the holiday with your family, you live here and your family is here, you're back in Fort Lauderdale to visit your family, or you don't celebrate Christmas and you're taking advantage of the holiday season to visit. Whatever the scenario, you'll probably be done with whatever you're doing by early evening. So the big question is, "What is there to Do on Christmas in Fort Lauderdale?"

Most restaurants close Early on Christmas Eve and Open Christmas Night. Hotels are always open because they have guests, so if you're intent on going out on Christmas Eve, a Hotel is just about a sure bet. Del Frisco's is open until 11pm and Big City Tavern is open until 2am downtown.

Looking for some Egg Nog Tips?

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