Last Update
Jun 29th, 2016


4354 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308
(954) 260-3043


Parking: Private Lot
Outdoor: No


Panisuco never got off the ground, and now they're selling out. Not closed yet, but the place is up for sale.

Owned by the owner of La Dolce Vida; this shopping center continues to be a black hole for mediocre businesses.


Now Open. Another place to get salads and sandwiches with strange ingredients. Let's see if your taste is exactly the same as theirs.

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It looks like Panisuco is going to be a Brazilian café or bakery, and I am saying this based on the previous name Copacabana, which is the name of a beautiful beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If this turned to be correct, I can say the word Panisuco is a junction of two words: Panificadora (that means bakery/panaderia) and suco (that means juice/jugo). Brazilian have this habit of combining part of the words or even names to name their business and/or children :-)
I am a Brazilian. I do not have the habit of combining names, but this would be my guess for the name Panisuco.
Just Like Giraffas…Actually, it's a sandwich and salads shop. Maybe Brazilian salads?

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