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Texasdebrazil 2011

Texas De Brazil

2455 E Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33304
(954) 400-5630
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Hours: M-Th 5pm-10pm, Fri 5pm-10:30pm, Sat 4-10:30pm, Sun 4-10pm
Attire: Neat Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Prices: Expensive
Outside Dining: Yes
Reservations: Yes
Delivery: No

Critic's Review

Texas De Brazil has opened in a new restaurant space across from the Galleria Mall. The handsome space is an open room with a gold onyx sort of theme; it reminds me of a big hotel lobby restaurant. There's a hostess station as you walk in, plenty of hotel lobby type seating (waiting is part of the experience as these places) and a bar over to the left.

Tdb lobby

Texas de Brazil is one of those "build it and they will come" type operations; they're not real big on marketing. With 23 locations, they have a generic website that doesn't give you any of the specific restaurant info you want. The place was supposed to open on Monday; there was no notice on their mailing list or their facebook page that they were delayed (they opened Thursday). An inquiry on Tuesday as to whether they opened on time was not answered. Luckily, by the time I made it down there is was opening day.

It wasn't very crowded; there was no wait. The place isn't quite ready for prime time; the TV wasn't connected; they have no bar/appetizers menu. I'm always amused by restaurants that spend a year on planning and millions on a build out and then open and say their menus are "at the printer".

The bar has just a few seats and it's done in the same yellow/gold glowing theme.

Tdb bar

They don't have a wine by the glass list. Apparently they have "Private Label" wines; you know, Texas De Brazil Merlot and Cab. I opted for an Amstel LIght. $6 plus tax.

Tdb diningroom

At the bar, they have "sampler" platters, where you can get a good selection of meat sample platters for $8.95 to $15. Appetizers are half price at happy hour, which runs from 5pm to 7pm. Beer and their "private label" wines are discounted. The sample platters are comprised of varying combinations of bacon wrapped chicken, garlic sirloin, filet mignon and brazilian sausage. They're all pretty good; but be forewarned that brazilian meats tend to be a bit on the salty side, so be prepared. You won't need a salt shaker for this.

In the dining room, it's a whole different show. If you're not familiar with how these places work, you pay a fixed price and there is a big buffet with sides, salads, soups and sushi. They bring out meats on big skewers and slice some off. So you dive into the salad bar and pig out, and every once in a while they'll bring out some meat. It's all you can eat: based on what their other locations charge, it's $47 for the full meat experience and side buffet, or you can just opt for the side buffet for $30. They have a nice lunch deal at some locations that's less; but there is no lunch at this location. Seems ridiculous to have a location across from a major shopping mall and not be open for lunch, but they can run their business any way they want.

Parking is a pain as it's a big place with no parking lot. There a $5 valet; or you can park along NE 25th where there are some metered spots. I suspect that you can get away with parking in Publix later at night as they don't seem like the kind or place that is going to have your car towed unless everyone starts doing it.

All in all, it's a fancy place with a lot of interesting food at a pretty high price point. $100 for 2 people not including beverages. Or you can just eat at the bar.

The only problem with Texas de Brazil is that Chima is better.

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This location is permanently closed. I doubt they ever made money. The shutdown was a good excuse to move on.

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