Last Update
Feb 4th, 2017

Green Kitchen Express

3429 Galt Ocean Dr
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308



Green Bar and Kitchen will be opening a 2nd location on the Galt Ocean Mile; taking over the space previously occupied by Moments in Time catering. Will people who pay $89/night for a hotel room and dine at FishTales pay $13 for a kale salad? Stay Tuned.

I really don't get why people eat this stuff. I go to he Green Bar web page and they have an awful looking salad, and a really bad sounding menu. Are these the same people who pile into Tap 42 for 8 mimosas and french toast and bacon?

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They claim that this place is closed until Feb 28th. Not sure why you'd want to be closed for 2 of the 3 months where there are actually people in the area.

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