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Nanas 2

Nana's Original Stromboli

5421 NE 14th Ave
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33334
(954) 771-6262
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Attire: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: No
Alcohol: None
Reservations: No


Decent Tasting Stromboli


Not as great as advertised
Take Out Only

Critic's Review

Nana's has closed the location on 4420 NE 20th in Oakland Park, and they've moved the operation to this new location.

From the looks of it, it appears as if "Nana" is just a brand and it's likely that she is not the one doing the rolling. This place seems more about branding than food. They're now selling these through the Home Shopping Network and their location suggests that they're not really interested in retail. They went through this big branding effort in 2011 that largely failed; Nobody even knew about this place. And Stromboli's aren't big in South Florida.

Nanas 2

Review 3/8/11

Nana's Fort Lauderdale

Nana's is a little place on a side road off of an offshoot. You'd never find it if you didn't know about it in advance. It's right around the corner from Mom's Kitchen. They've done some pretty interesting advertising; "Nana" is a 90yo women who apparently still works the kitchen, although when she's no longer in the kitchen I doubt they'll tell anyone. I didn't see any Nana.

It's a tiny place (think pizza take-out), with a few stools and a counter where you can "eat in". There's a table outside on the porch too. Take out seemed best to me.

Nana's Stromboli Interior

Note that if you tell them you're going to take it home they won't cook it for you; you'll have to bake it yourself. And you can't make it in a microwave, so if you're planning on eating it in the car or at your office you should tell them to cook it.

Nana's Stromboli

The instructions are on the bag; some of them are crossed out so I guess they've changed things over time. You have to bake it at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Nana's Stromboli Cut in Half

Now I haven't had a stromboli not made by Stouffer's since I was a much younger man, so I'm not sure if I remember what an authentic one should taste like. This was pretty good; these things have a lot of flavor. The marinara was good enough. Nothing really jumped out at me as fantastic. Like Nana says, it's an alternative to pizza and sandwiches.

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