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The Mermaid Bar, Upstairs at Neiman Marcus

The Mermaid Bar

Neiman Marcus/Galleria Mall
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33304
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Hours: Mon-Sat 10:30-8pm, Sun 12pm-5pm
Attire: Neat Casual
Parking: Mall Parking
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Wine and Beer
Outside Dining: No
Reservations: No
Delivery: No


Upscale Atmosphere
Upscale Crowd


Very Expensive
Limited Seating

Critic's Review

I was checking out the iPhone 6 today, and I fully intended to eat in the Food Court at the Galleria Mall. But then I remembered that there was a restaurant in Neiman Marcus, and decided to give it a try.

Neiman Marcus is the kind of place where people get dressed up to shop; or perhaps the people that shop there don't have typical Fort Lauderdale Attire? When I arrived at the "bar" there were only women sitting at the bar. There are a couple of tables in the back, but I opted to sit at the bar next to a beautiful Guyanese woman, who turned out to be totally delightful; a rarity in this town.

It's a small, pleasant space; I'd call it a coffee shop. It's sort of set up like a diner but it has a higher end feel.

Mermaid Bar Interior

They have iced tea and gave me a pretty big wedge so I didn't ask for extra. I was hoping for a hot entree, but they pretty much only have sandwiches and salads. The "Special" was a turkey wrap.

Mermaid Bar Ice Tea

I ended up ordering the "Tuscan Chicken Melt". I didn't read the description carefully enough, but more on that later.

While waiting for the food, the 3 ladies at the end left and a couple of retired dudes sat down, so at least I wasn't the only male at the bar. One of them was drinking hot tea, and the girl pointed out "You don't look like a tea drinker to me". A conversation broke out as to why it's ok for men to drink iced tea but hot tea seems somewhat unusual. Questions that may never be answered.

The sandwich came out an with a load of arugula.

Mermaid Bar Tuscan Chicken Melt

I ASSumed that this could be a chicken cutlet, but the menu does say "sliced chicken breast". It tasted like turkey but the server assured me that it was chicken. The menu says that it comes with fruit, but there was no fruit on the plate.

Mermaid Bar Tuscan Chicken Melt

It was good bread but it was a pretty meager portion of chicken for a $13 sandwich. I took a few bites as a sandwich but then ended up eating the rest open-faced and left most of the bread.

Mermaid Bar Tuscan Melt Open


Think of this place as an Oasis in the dessert that sells bottles of water for $100. This is probably the best place in the Mall to meet well-dressed women, but for the same price I'd much rather go to Capital Grille for lunch.

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Nieman Marcus is closing in September; they closed the restaurant already.

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