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Apr 3rd, 2016

Kuro Japanese Craft Kitchen

1 Seminole Way
Hollywood FL, 33310
(954) 585-5333


Hours: Tue-Sun 5:30-7:30pm Closed Monday
Parking: Free Lots and Garage
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar


The "plan" today was to have lunch at Kuro. They started serving lunch on Saturdays only a few weeks ago, and today worked out. But as I arrived at the complex, the story changed.

So it's the Saturday after Easter; the last weekend of the so-called "season", and paradise is dead. For those unfamiliar, "Paradise" is the dining and entertainment complex adjacent to the hotel. A few years ago, this was a destination. Today, it was a ghost town.

Saturday Afternoon used to be quite busy, particularly in season. This was the first time I could remember that Wetzels and Ben and Jerry's were closed. They used to be open mid summer during the week.

Stores are gone, the kiosks didn't even bother to open, if they still have vendors at all. I see why they decided the tear the entire place down.

Inside it wasn't much different. It was like a Tuesday in August in here.

When I got to the restaurant at 1:30pm, there were 4 people inside; 2 single guys at the bar and a table of 2 in the back. I decided I didn't want to sit in an empty restaurant to review a $16 bowl of ramen noodles. I went out the check out the pool, which was also pretty empty. It looks like people have stopped coming to the hotel.

I did see a couple of people on the way out at Wet Willies. They seemed to be having a good time. Probably not what they expected from the brochures.


Most of the people who were at the hotel were the kind of people who sit at slot machines with a bucket of quarters all day, and the Indians are building multi-million dollar overpriced sushi restaurants. I think this place is going to be a non issue until they finish the new hotel. There's going to be a lot of unhappy vendors here this summer.

The Seminole Tribe is opening a high end Japanese Restaurant, and we've exclusively learned the name of it. Kuro Japanese Craft Kitchen is now hiring all positions and will open in about a month. "Kuro" means Black in Japanese, but my Japanese is pretty weak so it may have other meanings also.

The Tribe is pumping 12 Million dollars into the high end facility, which they hope will attract high end gamblers from Asia. It's certainly not going to attract many gamblers from Fort Lauderdale, which seems like an easier win. Las Vegas is closer to Asia and is a lot more diverse than the 1 casino pony here in South Florida; are wealthy gamblers really going to change their plans to go to Vegas or Monaco; both of which are 3000 miles closer, to go to Hollywood, FL because of a nice Japanese restaurant?

It sounds like this is going to be similar to Council Oak; a place best known for their $65 brunch.

They originally planned to open Kuro in January; now they're saying "Early 2015". It looks like things don't move too fast on the reservation either.

Paradise Renovations

If you haven't been to the Hard Rock Hotel lately; the entire place is under construction. There are curtains everywhere; it's all a big secret. What's really crazy is that they've TORN DOWN the entire east side of paradise. They're building a whole new waterfront thing. A construction guy told me that it's going to take 2 years to complete everything.

It looks like word has gotten out; the hotel was Dead on March 3 when it's cold and snowing in the entire country. Usually, getting a room in March is impossible. This year only 3 days are sold out through the end of April.

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WHO is going to pay $6 a piece for Tuna Nigiri?
Hamachi Sashimi only $5.50 per piece. You have to shop around.
I hate that they answer every single review on Yelp. I don't want them monitoring my review. I want them to monitor their servers and kitchen.
Now open. All Y site reviews are from before they opened, so you can assume that none of them are objective. I'm sure it's a great restaurant when you're eating for free.
We have the menu with prices. $20 - $36 for 4 pieces of Nigiri. $6/pc for Tuna Sashimi. Cocktails are $13.
The article in the paper said the average dinner price would be about $90.00 per person with tip, drinks, etc.

I don't see tons of Asian gamblers coming to Hollywood for Blackjack with limited gaming and nothing to do around the casino but I'm no visionary.....
When your business focuses on attracting wealthy smokers, you alienate a lot of people. I wonder if it's the correct approach.
You'd think we'd get a discount at the hotel with the pool and lounges closed. But no.

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