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Oct 18th, 2017

Terra Mare

551 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33304


Hours: 7am-10pm
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar


Looking for a place to grab a $92 pork chop or a $25 breakfast? There's a new place at the beach.

Tapping a chef from Hawaii (after years of the hotel being delayed), they've apparently declared themselves the best restaurant in South Florida. $9 sides at lunch; probably too steep to bother doing a review. A $17 "Cuban" sandwich made with Salami.

Previous Musings

It appears that Brezza is out, and Terra Mare will be the name of the restaurant. Could be different next year.

The hotel has a web site up which makes it appear as if it's open, and you can even try to make a reservation. Then you get a message telling you they're not taking reservations until November 1.

While there was a press release that the restaurant in the Conrad Hotel and Residences was to be called Brezza, I see no evidence that will be the name of the restaurant. There's not other reference to that name; it's simple called "Conrad Oceanfront Restaurant" in most filings.

Enjoy a wonderful oceanfront location, panoramic views and an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication in our signature restaurant, Brezza. Indulge in the freshest grilled seafood and savor delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes from the tempting menu.

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Every time I think about trying this place, I look at the menu and spend the rest of the day laughing heartily.
I thought about trying breakfast, but their offerings are absurd. You can't even get a regular breakfast. Clueless kitchen.
Now slated for "Late 2017". Alberto Alverez has moved on to The Deck in Miami. Hope you didn't hold your breath.
The space design
by the artist is amazing. However, given B square and others reality is a harsh mistress.
Latest news is that they plan to open in Feb 2017. I hope nobody is holding their breath.

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