Last Update: Sep 18th, 2020
Cv tacocraft


204 SW 2nd St
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301
954 463-2003
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Attire: Casual
Parking: Street Metered, Garage
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Outside Dining: Yes


$3 Tacos on Tuesday


Pedestrian, Overpriced Food

Critic's Review

It's been 5 years since the ROK:BRGR guy took over T-Mex and opened this place; since they're opening a big new place in the old Midici's space I thought I'd try it. Taco Tuesday and take out is the game these days, so I wouldn't have to sit on the lime green chairs in 90 degree weather. I was able to order tacos online ($3 each on Tuesdays), while using a fake name and fake email, without any problem. They don't have a "pay at the store" option, so plan on paying in advance. If they loser your order, to bad for you.

I got here at exactly 2:30 when the order was supposed to be ready, and it was. A hostess handed me the bag and I was out without even having to pay for parking.

Tacocraft Himmarshee

Nice shopping bag; you just get some plasticware with the take-out tacos; no chips or salsa or hot sauce.

Tacocraft takeout

I don't usually order stuff with an egg on it, but I wanted to try the chorizo; I figured it might be like a breakfast taco. 3 tacos to a box.

Tacocraft Tacos

The fish taco was mostly soggy and the sauce didn't add much taste. How can "Cilantro Garlic Aioli" have no taste?

Tacocraft Fish Taco

It was a bit crispy at the end, but this was pretty ordinary. They have nothing on Arthur Treacher's.

Tacocraft Fish Taco

The chorizo didn't really taste like chorizo; Mexican chorizo is almost always ground meat; this was supposed to be chorizo hash so I guess there was some potato here. Nothing really good about the chorizo.

Tacocraft Chorizo Taco

One reason I ordered the chicken was that the online ordering menu says it has guacamole; but in fact it doesnt have guacamole. They seem to have removed it on their printed menu, but they didn't bother to change it online.

Left: Actual Menu Right: Online Menu

I think they forgot to drain the "Braised" chicken, because it just leaked all over the place as I tried to eat it. A bland, soggy taco for sure. Imagine marinating in adobo sauce for 24 hours and getting no taste?

Tacocraft Braised Chicken

The braised chicken tacos are too messy; I don't recommend these for take out.


The normal price for what I ordered was $14.50, which is utterly ridiculous. ($9.00 on Tuesdays). The reason I've never been here is that I knew it wouldn't be very good, and I was right. None of the tacos make me think that I want to try anything else.

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Yelp says this place is closed until Dec; not a word on the FB page. Social media where you don't really care about your customers
You got this one right. Rocco's prices without the atmosphere. They took the prices off the menu, so they probably are even higher!
$4 for a pepsi. Too funny.
Haven't tried as of yet it but problem with your review(s) is it starts with a bad taste for the ownership and in fairness not a fair way to review a new place...

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