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Jul 10th, 2018


401 E Las Olas Suite 150
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301
954 656-3663
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Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Street Metered
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Outdoor: Yes


Low Price Point


Low-End Decor
No Lunch Menu
Swai is used for Ceviche

Critic's Review

Suviche opened up this week in the space previously occupied by Mancini's. Before going, I noticed that they've gotten an SRX full liquor license, which requires a minimum of 150 seats; I thought that was interesting considering that Mancini's was only 85 seats. I wondered what they did to add 65 seats.

As I approached, I could see that he first thing they did was to add an awning. Sidewalk seats don't count towards an SRX because they're not permanent; that is you can't sit in the seats when it's raining. By adding the awning, all of the outside seats qualify for the liquor license.

Im not sure I'd want to eat on these chairs at the snack table provided, and I don't care for the stools at the bar either. I went inside to see what they'd done to the interior.

No hostess. I stood there for a minute and a server approached. "So I just sit anywhere?", I asked. "Anywhere you want". I got a seat on the side, in about the same spot I sat when I had lunch at Mancini's.

The thing that struck me was how they've downgraded the decor; Mancini's was so nice; nice furniture, nice lighting. He had that nice pizza oven in the corner. This reminded me more of Rossopomodoro, the place Mancini's replaced.

I also didn't like the floor; It reminded me of an Empire Flooring commercial. I was glad, however, that I wasn't seated at that chair in the corner.

My server came over with the complimentary semi-popped popcorn kernels, which you get in every Peruvian restaurant. I ordered an Iced Tea with extra lemon, because I always do. She brought out the tea with no fruit at all.

I asked her about the lemon; "Oh, we only have limes". Ok, some of that then. They have a full liquor bar but no lemons? I was feeling like I was in Cabo Blanco or something.

I'm not a big fan of ceviche, mainly because I don't see why I want to eat non-sushi quality fish in a sauce that isn't that interesting to me. But, I wasn't going to order the Lomo Saltado, which is Peruvian Pepper Steak. I wasn't ordering sushi; I was going to try the ceviche. I asked what kind of white fish they use; she told me "Swai", which is "Vietnamese Catfish"; just about the cheapest fish that money can buy that doesn't come in a can.

I tried to get my server to explain the sauces, which they only describe as "Peruvian". They have one that they claim to use Japanese Spices, a "Peruvian" classic, which I assumed was citrus juice, and a 3rd "Aji Amarillo", which is made with a yellow chili paste. I decided to try the combination, which is a mixture of the Classic and the Aji Amarillo. I ordered a small, and also the "spring rolls", which are stuffed with the Lomo Saltado.

The ceviche came out quickly.

I didn't realize I was getting more popcorn. So the bowl has un-popped corn, corn kernels, a slice of sweet potato and cut up Swai in a yellow sauce with some red onions (all peruvian food seems to have red onions). She told me this was spicy, but it wasn't spicy at all. It was slightly citrusy; sort of like you mixed some cream in with the citrus. The non-fish ingredients didn't interest me at all, and I didn't really like the fish. It's fish I wouldn't order or eat in any other form, and this preparation didn't change my feeling about it.

The spring roll was also disappointing; I expected something more delicately "fried" than this. These were something I'd expect to be served at Chili's or TGI Friday's.

After lopping off the end, I tasted one without the sauce. Surprisingly bland. The sauce, "home made Huacaina Sauce", which is SUPPOSED to be a spicy cheese sauce, was neither spicy nor cheesy. It did improve the rolls.

I was literally wondering if there was something wrong with my taste buds today, so when I got home I sampled something from my fridge; my taste buds were normal. The food just wasn't very tasty.


I've never been impressed with Peruvian food, and today didn't sway my opinion in the least. I've been to multiple restaurants and always leave wondering what these people were thinking as nobody is going to want to eat this food. Corn nuts, red onions. Lime Juice. There's just nothing interesting about it. It's like food made by people who don't know how to cook, so they just drown everything in a couple of standard sauces.

With a $7-12 price point they'll lure in some of the fake foodies who think that eating sushi and ceviche make them sophisticated; but this isn't a place I'd want to hang out. The decor seems cheap for Las Olas, and the cheap stools and furniture is unimpressive as well. Most of the people eating here today were hispanic (a couple next to me ordered in Spanish); we'll see if anyone not Peruvian will regularly eat this stuff. Or maybe it will be a place to just get some sushi as an alternative to Sky Thai down the road. Much of the sushi has the same "white fish" as the Ceviche; sorry but Swai isn't sushi to me.

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All their "white fish" is Swai. Garbage, bottom feeder fish! Lomo was good but come on the place is called Suviche and the ceviche is made with swai!?!
It's a business model, not a restaurant trying to serve good food. They give you $1 worth of food for $7 and with the drink they have a nice profit center. Of course they don't account for the fact that people like me will never eat there again.
Peruvian food is garbage. Why do these places keep trying to push this stuff?
Isn't Swai only available frozen?
I tried yesterday, I am peruvian, and food was ok. Ceviche was mediocre, Pisco sour was bad, causa was ok, arroz chaufa was good. Yeah, I also believe selling swai fish is really bad. I like the place though. My two other latin friends did not like either, my british friend was not crazy about it.
It looks like suViche might be buying good reviews; there's a pattern of people leaving bad reviews and then leaving a 5 star review shortly thereafter.
This place is always DEAD whenever I pass. I don't think there are enough South Americans in Fort Lauderdale to support this cuisine.
I tried it today. Are those corn nut things really considered food? Imagine if you were served popcorn in a Thai dish? I don't see how anyone could get excited about this unless you were Peruvian.
Swai? Really? Did they tell you that?
That's what my server told me when I asked, yes.
This place isn't going to do well downtown.
The Wine Guy
I don't know.. The location was HORRIBLE for Mancini but more the problem was for him, was execution and the Chef. They just couldn't do it. Jack himself was the problem too.

For all the condos and apartments surrounding it, if it is good and Brickell is for the price point, it could do very well
I don't see it. Peruvian isn't a draw and they're just going to split the sushi crowd with Sky Thai.

The problem with these places is that groups of people have to all agree to have the same thing, because they don't have any regular food.

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