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Mar 30th, 2015

American Social

721 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301
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Hours: M-Thu 11:31am-2am, Fri/Sat 11:30-3am, Sun 11:30-2am
Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Street Metered
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Outdoor: Yes
Reservations: No
Delivery: No

Critic's Review

Every time I walk into American Social it's the same thing; I look around, shake my head and say to my self "I'm not ordering food in this place. No different today.

Review 12/7/14

I went to American Social to watch the 2nd half of the Giants game, and was surprised (and somewhat angered) that the game wasn't on any of the TVs. The TVs all had tags as to which game was going to be on, and there wasn't 1 TV allocated to the Giants vs Titans. Interesting, since at one point they tried to pass themselves off as a NY Giants bar. Good thing I never fell for that.

It was 2:40, and the "buffet" brunch was already completely gone. For some ridiculous reason, they only serve it until 2:30. They probably don't want people going for seconds while they watch the game. A class act.

I left and went to the Royal Pig to watch the game.


To summarize, don't come here to watch an out-of-market game, because it they don't have enough TVs to show all the games and your game might not be on. Also, don't come to brunch late, because they fold it up earlier than anyone else.

This continues to be a place for Kids; the recent college grad crowd that think that sliders and flatbreads are food.

Review 8/15/13

American Social is a little bit of Boca Raton in Fort Lauderdale. When you get out of college and you can't find a job, you'll be happy to know that you can keep the college thing going ad-infinitum.

The first thing that you need to know is that American Social is a bar and not a restaurant. I practically break into all-out laughter when I see people eating dinner at this place. For a burger or some pretzel sticks, it's fine. Every time I see a dish here I get scared; the mussels marinara literally scared me. Beyond that you're just a fool to pay the same prices charged at real restaurants. All you need to do is look at the photos section on their facebook page. Go ahead, do it. I insist. This is not a serious restaurant, so you shouldn't pay serious prices for food here. If you want to pay $13 for a hot dog here please do it on your own accord and don't reference this review.

Another issue with eating is seating. The outside is too cramped and I don't want to sit that close to smokers, and inside there is a lack of tables. I don't want to eat a big salad on a couch or at a bar. They don't really have entrees here anyway. The Salmon has "mango salsa", so it's really not an option.

What irks me most about American Social is that it's still the same as it was when they opened. I understand that when a place opens there might be some budget issues; maybe you can't afford professional decorations. So you frame some magazine covers and call it a theme. So you start out with a stupid concept, like having taps on a wall that nobody would know how to use if they found them interesting. Fine, people make mistakes. But once you're raking in the dough, put some money back into the business. This place is still like a freshman college dorm room.

From their web site you can tell that this is purely an amateur operation. Their promotions are just copied from other local places; Sunday Brunch with unlimited mimosas (buffet for $35 with the drinks), $5 Burger Mondays, the ubiquitous Taco Tuesdays; Wednesday is ladies night. The strategy seems to be to just have a crowd every night of the week.

No need to change my original assessment of the place; I got it perfectly on my first visit and nothing has changed:

Be aware that the place is tight. It's a small place and although they have some outside tables, it's not part of the mingle scene. There's not a lot of room on either side of the bar. You'll find yourself being pushed and prodded constantly, no matter where you stand.

The crowd is the FAU class of 2010; the America's Backyard / Automatic Slims crowd dressed up. A lot of girls in cheap dresses and fake men's watches and guys with 3 days growth; probably 2 weeks for them: "Look at me, I can grow a beard". The scattered gray hairs that were here when they first opened are gone; this is not a place for adults.

I met a guy at the Royal Pig who tried to convince me that it's no longer a hangout for 20-something Jewish kids; and that it was now a serious restaurant. Of course the guy turned out to be the new "chef", so I guess he was just biased, or perhaps just delusional.

I went in on a Thursday and barely hung around long enough to give the place a chance. But it was impossible. On this night, there were 3 really cool dudes standing on the couches (of course), one in a tank top with the words "Show me your Tits". Classy stuff.

There are a lot of pretty girls at American Social, but I equate it to going to the Mall, where the girls are focused on buying shoes or bumping into guys from their classes. The people here are still just excited to be dressed up and in a bar. You remember those days.

To be fair, I've met the owner, Paul and he's a good guy; he goes out of his way to try to make sure people have what they want; he'll put a game on for you if you ask him without getting the BS you get from a lot of places. He's making money and I can't blame him for that. Maybe one day they'll stop trying to be everything to everyone and they'll focus on one concept or another without just trying to be packed every night. For now, American Social is what it is; love it or go somewhere else.

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What kinds of morons are paying $16 for a flatbread for lunch at this place?
Fort Lauderdale Morons.
That Apple Accessory store didn't last very long.
Zagat did a ridiculous article that mentioned American Social. It's unfortundate what Google has done with Zagat. It used to be semi reliable. Now it's just sad.
It's obvious whoever wrote that article knows nothing about Fort Lauderdale. Dos Caminos? really?

When reviews from miami blogs and sites start rolling in for a place that is clearly local, that's a big red flag. They need to stop being so desperate to be viewed as a restaurant. It's a bar. They do very well. Stop it already.
American Social has a "weekend brunch" now; all you can eat buffet for $19.95. Its $15 for unlimited mimosas .

They've also hired a new "chef"'; a culinary institute grad who worked at Houstons and Grand Luxe. He's redoing the menu, apparently. I'm not sure if it matters, although it probably can't be worse than before.
I heard that New Times nominated them for Best New Restaurant. That's got to be a joke, right?
Is that a pun?
D Lane
Great review
Thank's for telling the truth. I just read another review that was so made up it was scaring me.
I agree...the other sites out there are full of BS!
Great review. I wanted to go and now... I don't. Saved me an evening of Madonna and aggravation.

BTW, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the crowd at Tap sometime.
Has anyone tried the Crevice Salad?
LOL. Nobody knows how to spell ceviche. Cut them some slack.
I live near las olas and was interested in checking this place out. Two of us called to reserve a table for Friday night. No such luck as they do not take reservations (only for tables with taps). So we then decided to stop by early. It was raining, so we figured it wouldn't be too insane, but we were wong. They had a 15 table wait list, and the hostess said she couldn't even guarantee that we'd ever be seated. The place was over-crowded and very very loud- to the point where we were screaming just to chat about what to decide. The had a live aucoustic band, which was good- very americana. The scene was mostly a bunch of yuppies in their 20s and 30s. I'm 28, and wish this place would take it down a notch to be more like a lounge/bar to attract more variety. Needless to say, we chose to walk in the rain to eat elsewhere- shame for them to turn away what could've been repeat business. The menu looks good- and WTF?? They DID spell cRevice instead of cevice. Just goes to show you how "hard" they are trying.
That would be Ceviche.
Saw a really positive review in SFLchronicle this morning. Then I noticed the ad banner for American Social. Quid pro quo? I guess that's why they need all of the bikini girl posts to get readers! The picture they have with the guy with the red mohawk is priceless.
This could be a good place with a more sophisticated crowd.
I couldn't agree more. The college crowd will ulitmately disuade the las olas regulars from wanting to patronize this joint (and history has illustrated that it's the las olas regulars who keep establishments open in this neck of the woods). I think that the las olas regulars would appreciate a place like this if it were a little more sophisticated and a little less like the Grog House (or insert any other redicuolously loud/packed college bar). Make it a Tap 42 on las olas and it will succeed.
I'm 32 and I felt like I wandered into a college party.
This place is doomed if they maintain the status quo. To succeed long term you need to serve and appeal to the 30s-50's local las olas crowd- and they are starving for good places to go and have way more disposable income to spend. As duly noted by Moderator, the FAU class of 2010 will not sustain such a venture for long. And this isn't South Beach, get rid of the door policy and the VIP lists.
Judging by the attitude and "Lists" at the door- even on opening night, this place is coming off more like a private club than a friendly neighborhood bar - time will tell. I wait with anticipation for our trusted Inside FTL first experience here!
I heard that the fire marshall shut them down on Saturday. I guess they invited too many VIPs.
Fat Hand
Sliders and flatbreads!
And mussels, Mac and Cheese and Craft Beers. Sounds like Big City Tavern without the Elk Head.
I thought it was going to be a restaurant?
They have bar food. Their menu is on their website. They don't have prices so we're not going to post it.
Miguel Vazquez
So any word on the official grand opening?
They took the clock off of their website. They were issued a license on May 19, so it's not clear what the hold up is. Their last facebook post is May 25: "Coming Soon".
American Social planned opening has been delayed until "the end of the month". Their counter now shows 16 days.

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