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Apr 1st, 2017

Trader Joe's

1590 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301


Parking: Private Lot

If you think that the opening of a Trader Joe's in Fort Lauderdale is no big deal, you're wrong.

I really didn't need to buy anything, but I thought I'd check it out. Something that needs to be emphasized is that you MUST avoid E Sunrise at all times for the foreseeable future. It's an absolute disaster.

I sat in this mess for 15 minutes; it was moving like 2 cars per light cycle. When you get down the the intersection from hell you realize the problem; car crossing from US1 to E Sunrise south are stopped in the middle of the intersection, so even when the light turns green, nobody can go. While I was sitting there trying to get through, I was thinking that a cop was really needed here. This is holding up 1000s of people. Then I got to Trader Joe's.

Of course a police officer at the Trader Joe's parking lot was much more important than some jam down the road. This is a big event!

The lot was virtually full, and the "lot" is designed for multiple stores. There's an office max that's already open, and there's going to be an Anthony's here, because we need another Italian Restaurant.

The place was a madhouse.

I didn't really need to buy anything, so I just looked around to see the prices. They have a lot of organic stuff that would be overpriced at other places, but the prices weren't crazy low for regular food.

I saw this and I thought about Pizzacraft. "Artisan" Baguettes. Reminded me of the Artisan Pizzas.

In the corner, they give out samples. Today they had penne with vodka cream sauce. I passed on this one.

Given the volume of people, the checkout goes pretty quickly. I just grabbed a couple of things to try. An $11 bottle of wine and some protein powder.

Look at all of the smiling faces. Saving money is Fun.

The crowds will likely subside next week. Trader Joe's is here.

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Getting out of this parking lot is a nightmare. One exit.
Wine at $2.99 is a steal. I've tried several of them and for a bottle around the house, it's pretty good
Not the big deal that it was a year ago. I went to purchase a "Sodium Free" bread that seems to be advertised everywhere. I search through the store for quite a while and finally asked a cashier about it and his reply was "Oh gee I really wouldn't know about that".
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