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Fresh Market

424 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301
954 763-1250
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Hours: M-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 10am-8pm
Parking: Private Lot

Review 1/11/14

kjAfter the salad I had at Italio yesterday, while I was picking up a few things at Fresh Market I started to wonder how much a supermarket salad might cost. The stuff they had on the bar was relatively fresh, but they only had lousy grape tomatoes and the only cheese they has was cheddar, so I couldn't really make a good caesar. But they I saw that they had Hellman's salad dressings, something you can't buy in a store. The caesar was empty, but when I spotted the chunky blue cheese, it made up my mind.

I loaded up a small container with romaine lettuce, spinach, turkey, red onions, cucumbers. a hard boiled egg and the blue cheese dressing.

A pretty good haul I thought, but I had no idea how much it was going to weigh. The salad bar is $7.99/lb. This ended costing me $5.84; more than $1 less than Italio. Of course you can't get meatballs or linguine here.

The salad was excellent; the Hellman's dressing was as good as I expected; a chunky blue from a bottle that actually is pretty chunky.

Review 3/18/13

When Fresh Market opened, it was a pretty big deal. The parking lot was full all of the time, and there were always tons of people milling around. Over time, the interest has worn off, and it's now a place where people go to pick up some specialty items that they can't get at Publix. The place is very expensive; identical items that can be purchased at Publix are usually about 30% more here. So this isn't a place to do your general shopping unless you just don't care about how much things cost.

I've never been a fan of Whole foods; and this place is designed to compete with that market. This place reminds me more of Fairway up in New York, although Fairway has much better prices and more general selection. You can easily do all of your shopping at a Fairway.

I'm not impressed with their beef at all. They have a nice beef counter, and they sell what they call "Premium Choice" beef, which is likely just a marketing term. I haven't seen any well-marbled beef in the store; it all seems too lean to me, and I don't care for lean beef. They also sell Hereford Beef, but again, it doesn't look any better than the beef at Publix and it's more expensive.

The fish counter is pretty impressive; not cheap but not as expensive as Whole Foods either. I spotted some nice big fresh flounder filets for $12.99 a pound; they get $25 for sashimi grade tuna, which is about twice wholesale. I have found a fish item that I really like; they have vacuum packed Flounder; nice big filets are that turned out very nicely every time. They're 9.99 frozen. The fresh ones often don't look so good, so frozen is fine.

They do have a nice cheese counter and I'll often pick up some danish blue cheese or some aged cheddar. It's pretty expensive, but if you know what to buy, it can be worth it. They have various salad bars and olive bars, and they sell chicken wings 6 ways. I picked up some buffalo wings, and I'd have to say that they're good enough to convince me not to bother making them myself if I was wanting some.

They're rotisserie wings, so they're very moist. It's difficult finding whole wings as they tend to fall apart. $7.99 a pound. 6 wings were like $4.

Deal Day Tuesdays

While their BOGO offerings aren't going to worry Publix, every Tuesday they have special on a few items. Each month it's different; last month it was coffee. This month it's sirloin steak, crab cakes and shredded cheese. They call it Surf and Turf, but I don't usually have sirloin with a crab cake. As I said, their meat doesn't move me, so I picked up a couple of crab cakes. They're 3.99 each, so on BOGO day you get 2 for $3.99. When you consider that restaurants are ridiculously charging $30 for 2 of these with a bunch of french fries, it seems like a pretty good deal.

They're 3 ounce cakes; the same size as Philip's crab cakes. I cooked them in olive oil and butter,

And had them with cole slaw and tartar sauce.

There was more filler than if I were making them from scratch, but if I made them from scratch I'd spend more time trying to keep them together than eating. These were pretty easy, and as good as what you get in most restaurants.

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Looking for a cheese danish with virtually no cheese? This is the place. Just 99 cents.
Apparently the cretins who work here don't know the difference between a honeycrisp apple and a red onion; I got overcharged and didn't notice. So keep an eye on these people. They get it wrong quite often.
Yesterday I bought some parsley and they rang it up as Cilantro. I'd noticed that the cilantro was an absurd $3.99, while the parsley was $1.99 (no bargain, but a big bunch). I pointed this out and the cashier quickly replied "Oh, they're the same price". "No, they're not", I said, and she credited back the $2. WATCH THESE PEOPLE. I'm starting to think that overcharging is a company policy. Cilantro is cheaper than parsley virtually everywhere.
Today I got yelled at by a deli person for not having a number. I mentioned that I was the only one waiting (so getting a number seemed silly); but she said that I needed one anyway.
Note that they no longer carry the flounder; you can always count on supermarkets to discontinue their best stuff. They do have it at Whole Foods at about the same price.
Jews helping themselves to the olive bar. Too Funny.
There's always people grazing.
Every Friday Fresh Market has 2 for 1 specials you can get via their email list. The problem is that they are the same specials for a month. Tip for Fresh Market: "Foodies" don't eat the same thing every weekend. Mix it up.
I would encourage you to try the Hereford aged steaks- particularly the Rib Eyes when on special for $9.99/lb. I've been buying these for years at the FM's in NC as I live up there part time. Excellent taste and aged quality - and substantially cheaper than anything at Whole Foods. In my opinion, also much better than Publix at a similiar price. Other than ground beef, I find Publix beef expensive and lousy.
I, too, like FM a great deal having shopped at one in VA prior to the permanent move down here. One issue I have regarding the Hereford aged steaks. Yes they are a bargain but I found after cooking a few that they were a bit tough and chewy. When I inquired at FM about this I was told that their Hereford steaks are USDA Select, the lowest grade. Nowhere in their advertising does it say Select. Now, their USDA Choice steaks are excellent but you will pay a bit more per pound, and it's worth it!

Publix Greenwise steaks (USDA Choice) are also very good as long as they are thick cut…perfectly suited to grilling. Good luck.
"Lean" is a euphemism for Select. Greenwise is a trick, I think. If you know how to pick out meat, you can always find near-prime steaks. In the old days, restaurants used to buy all of the prime beef. Now most restaurants aren't serving prime, so it ends up getting sold as choice to supermarkets. If all the steaks are lean, I buy chicken.

Greenwise beef doesn't impress me; it just seems like a way to charge an extra $1 per pound. It's "100% vegetarian" which seems like a trick because, well, cattle are vegetarian, and corn and grains are vegetarian. Im still trying to figure out why raising cattle "humanely" before they slaughter them is a selling point.
I don't like ribeye, or at least it's my 5th or 6th choice. I've read up on Hereford and I'm not sold. Maybe I'll try it at a BBQ or buffet one day. I tend to prefer prime over aged.

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