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May 29th, 2015

Mayors Cafe

1677 N Hiatus Rd
Pembroke Pines FL, 33026
(954) 538-3636
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Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: No
Reservations: No
Delivery: No


Breakfast All Day
Good Value


No Booths, Small Tables
Slow to Bus Tables

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Come Earlier if you want Bagels

Critic's Review

In the middle of nowhere, literally, is Mayor's Cafe, a small breakfast and lunch place that sells bagels. I saw this place while coming back from Latin American Grill. On a Saturday this place had a wait also, so I figured I'd try it during the week.

They have a website that still has the most of the template example code on it. It does have a menu, so I was able to review it before going. The place is owned by the Mayor of Pembroke Pines.

They're open until 3pm; I walked in at 2:25pm and there were only a few tables occupied. About half of the "empty" tables had plates and dishes on them, but what was odd was that there wasn't anyone clearing other tables. It was as if there were leaving them until they closed to bother with it.

I found a table that wasn't dirty and sat down. A server approached me right away and asked what I wanted to drink. "Do you serve breakfast all day", I asked, as I couldn't find that info anywhere. "Yes", she said, so I ordered coffee.

Coffee comes in a real cup rather than one of the tiny industrial diner cups. At first she told me that they were out of bagels except for cinnamon raison and rye, but whe she brought the coffee she said they had some everything bagels.

I ordered the bagel with 2 over-easy with sausage and home fries.

They play old school music: The Beatles, Phil Collins, Journey. A little Elton. A women in waitress garb sat down at a back table with a file of receipts, paying no heed the the tables that needed clearing.

The food came out in 8 minutes.

The tables here are all small, there's barely enough space to hold things comfortably. I think it would be pretty tight with 2 people with sunglasses and cell phones.

The bagel comes with whipped cream cheese that was kind of sweet; Not Philly Brand. I used all of it on 1/2 of the bagel, which was all I was going to eat.

Everything was decent; I had to heavily season the potatoes; I liked the sausage and the eggs were eggs. All in all a decent breakfast for under $9.

The check had been dropped on the table half way through the meal, so I just had to bring it up to the register. $11 with tip.


There aren't many choices in this part of town, and this place serves a decent breakfast at a good price. They don't seem to understand how messed up tables reflect on their business. Even bad diners buss tables quickly; it was almost bizarre how nonchalant they were about it. My server was fine; but the one thing that would keep me from coming back was the small tables. It was just a little bit uncomfortable.

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