Jul 30th, 2015
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Jul 2nd, 2015

Warsaw Coffee Company

815 NE 13th St
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33304
(954) 990-4189
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Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: No
Reservations: No
Delivery: No


Large Space with lots of seating


Mediocre Coffee
Loud Space
Expensive for this Area

Critic's Review

Not really closed. It's not Milk Money, because they want MORE of your money!

Review 7/2/15

No lunch today, so on my way home from Whole Foods I stopped in at the Warsaw Coffee Company. The first time I came the lot was full, but today it was half empty at about the same time (2:45pm). I'd seen pictures of the place so there was no big surprise when I walked in.

Tap 42's Blaise McMackin is behind this place; I'm not sure if he's just the financing or what, but the overpriced, not so good sounding food seems familiar.

This place is in the armpit of Fort Lauderdale; a barren area behind Publix and Home Depot where there are place where Heteros know nothing about. I guess the rent is cheap, which allows for the big space and the low per person revenue.

As you enter there's a lounge to your right. Nicer chairs than they have at Starbucks. The idea of this place is that it's a coffee house workplace; it's not set up for socializing; it's set up to allow people to do work. I guess if you're in college or you don't have internet at home? Do people really not have internet at home?

One thing is there are no instructions. I didn't know if it was self service. A guy at the counter took my coffee order; They have huge cookies for $2.75, an $8.50 grilled cheese or you can get a chicken sandwich for $11.50. Ridiculous in this part of town.

After taking my money, he started taking the order of the next person and fetched her drink for her. I'm not sure why he couldn't get my coffee first. So I had to stand there and wait for him to finish up with the person behind me on line.

I took my $2.75 16oz coffee to the service station with milk and sugar. They have whole milk, skim and cream; I take my coffee without sugar at home, but I couldn't drink this without sugar. My litmus test for outstanding coffee. Milk, cream and no sugar. But this didn't measure up.

There's lounge-style music playing at a low volume; Earth, Wind and Fire and "Canned Heat" played while I was there. The crowd in the place was either diligently working or gabbing over coffee. I took my coffee to go; if you stay in you get a nice white mug.

if you order food they give you a number and they'll bring your order; the server seemed pissed at something. A smile can make all of the difference.


This place is clearly larger and more industrial than your typical Starbucks, but I couldn't see paying $8 for a latte and a cookie just to get wireless. Not in this part of town; it's too close to Wilton for my druthers.

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Was there on a weekday around 11am and the parking lot was full. Sign invites you to park across the street so I parked in front of Christmas place which was pretty empty in July. They have some covered outdoor seating but no-one was using it that day, too hot and sticky. The large chocolate chip cookie while expensive was pretty good. I agree the prices are over the top and menu is funky.

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