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Oct 18th, 2019

Falafel Time

1306 E Las Olas
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301
239 228-0198
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Hours: Sun-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri 11pm-5pm, Sat 8pm-2am
Parking: Street Metered, Metered Lot
Outdoor: No
Delivery: No


None I can think of


Take Out Only
No Free Parking
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Critic's Review

I'm not big on Falafel; they're "vegetarian" but fried chickpea fritters don't do much for me.

He kept asking me "you want spicy". I didn't know what he was talking about. They have spicy and non spicy falafels? But then he pointed to the pepper relish. "Why do I want that at all", I said , " Give me some on the side". He ignored my request, and plopped one of each in the center of the bowl. Great.

When I got home I pulled the bowl out of the bag.

The proof of the fritter is in the texture, so I cut one in half. These can range from green to yellow, depending on how much parsley they put in. Yellow ones usually use Tumeric, which tastes like dirt to me.

Kind of dense, not too spicy. Not bad but nothing I'll seek out again for a few years.

As for the hummus, I would have liked it better if it didn't have the pepper relish in it. It kind of ruined the bowl.


If you like Israeli Falafel, or just want a change from burgers or sandwiches, I guess this is a candidate. It's not tasty enough for me to get interested in. These certainly aren't top quailty, but they'll serve as fuel for a change of pace.

I also think they're kind of expensive for a dump like this. Chickpeas are cheap. This is about $1.50 worth of food; a falafel pita should be $7.95.

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