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Feb 2nd, 2018


900 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33304
(954) 525-0388


Parking: Private Lot
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Tunie's Market opened up in the old Office Depot space at The Bend, and I decide to check it out just to see what they had. The interior is set up like a supermarket, with aisles of stuff and cold stuff along the walls.

I was looking for some Belgian Endive or Rapini; no chance of finding it here. This is the entirety of the produce section. Organic only. Much better selection at Fresh Market and Whole Foods and even Publix.

I looked around and really didn't see anything of interest. No meat or fish. They have a lot of stuff that Whole Food has at about the same price. There are no bargains here. Everything was very expensive. Their whole bean coffee is over $14/lb. I won't be trying it.

I hoped that they might carry a good Cold Brew brand, but they just have the Cameleon. $5.09 for 4 servings. $1 a cup isn't something that interests me.

They have a Deli section in the back where they have an organic salad bar for like $10/lb, and they have starbucks type sandwiches for about $7. Not very good looking sandwiches.

I left without buying anything. I said to a women leaving at the same time 'It ain't Whole Foods". She seemed to concur, replying "I don't know what it is".


My personal impression is that this place made a huge mistake choosing this location. It seems to be a subset of Whole Foods without any of the higher end stuff. With Trader Joe's opening up, this place is in between the superior Fresh Market and Whole Foods, and the wildly cheaper Trader Joe's. I can think of reasons to go to all 3 of those places, and not a single reason to come to Tunies again.

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This place is closed. Nothing lost here.
Whole Foods is a luxury food store. Tunies is a health food store. Agree that health food has made major inroads to all stores - this place has in-store nutritionists for consultation. Not my thing but someone may like it. Especially the affluent type right there in Victoria Park.
I didn't see anything in here that they don't have in Whole Foods or Fresh Market. I don't want a consultant; I want to buy stuff that I can't get somewhere else. Otherwise the place has no value
I had the exact same impression. It's so close to my house and I was hoping that they would have a good prepared food area like whole foods but what they had was a joke. This seems really to be a vitamin/supplement/smoothie shop that also added all the things from the "middle aisles" of whole foods but without all the good stuff.

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