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Nov 2nd, 2018

Thasos Taverna

3300 E Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308
954 200-6006
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Hours: Sun-Th 12pm-11pm, Fri/Sat 12pm-12am
Dress Code: Neat Casual
Parking: Valet, Metered Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
Outdoor: Yes
Reservations: Yes
Delivery: No, No Take Out


Upscale Ambiance
Cool Sheep


Sterile Decor
Overpriced, Small Portions

Critic's Review

Thasos is back, with largely the same menu. $7 Tzatziki and $22 Souvlaki. So they're tripling down on the overpriced Greek food idea.

I suspect that Thasos wasn't actually sold, but it was leased out the some dudes from Miami. Maybe it was a 1 year experiment? But no change of ownership has been filed, so legally Nisi is still the owners. Gus Leontarakis has started a couple of companies since Thasos, including the Thasos management Company.

Thasos has been sold.

The lesson here is if you're going to build a restaurant to spite the guy across the street, make it a better restaurant at the SAME price point; not 40% more expensive.

Review 2/25/13

They've recently started to serve lunch; they still don't have a website; and there are still no menus posted on their facebook page. But I figured with Greek Taverna packing them in for lunch across the street; maybe they had some good lunch specials. Boy was I wrong.

I got there about 2:45; they serve lunch until 4pm, and there was 1 other table in the restaurant. The good news is that there's no valet at lunch time. I got a booth this time; the booths are pretty squishy, but generally comfortable. The dining room is better than sitting at the bar here.

They have the obligatory open kitchen, because all new restaurants must have an open kitchen.

While I looked at the menu, I couldn't help but be surprised. It's extremely weak; flatbreads, a $14 burger; $35 lamb chops. It's ridiculous really. $12 for a lunch peasant salad. They dropped off some bread with some sort of olive tapenade. They tout their "Thasos Olive Oil" on their high priced menu items, but none for the bread. They also don't have splenda for the Iced Tea. Fantastic.

I decided on the "Bell and Evans Chicken", which is purported to come with a "lemon thyme jus". I finished the bread and waited; it took about 20 minutes to come out.

Ok, so this is $20. Are "rosemary french fries" a greek dish? No Vegetables. Why am I paying $20 for $3 worth of chicken with fries? As you can see, they're just plain fries. No olive oil and rosemary. You get better fries at smashburger..

The chicken was nice and tender, but it didn't have any seasoning baked in; I had to ask for salt. I expected the skin to be lemony but it was just regular chicken skin. And I guess they ran out of thyme because that green stuff wasn't thyme; the jus wasn't particularly special in any way. This was a $12 chicken lunch priced at $20. I did like the mini Heinz ketchup.

So my impression of this restaurant is exactly the same as it was the first week they opened; another rich guy opens a restaurant who has no understanding of why people go to restaurants and what they expect. Supposedly the owner has some feud with the owner of Greek Islands Taverna and he was going to build a big restaurant across the street and put him out of business. If you want to put someone out of business, you open a better restaurant at the same price point; not a marginally better restaurant with 45% higher prices. I can get a half chicken with better potatoes, green beans, bread and good hummus there for $14. So why the hell would I come here? For the superior ambiance? For $1 more I'll go for the ambiance. For $6 more with less food; only frivolous rich people will be dining at Thasos.

Review 8/25/12

Thasos Taverna opened on August 8th, a few weeks later than expected. The story behind his place is that the owner has some beef with the owner of Greek Islands Taverna, so he built a big restaurant across the street to try to put him out of business.

They have a medium sized lot, but there is no self parking. There's metered parking across the street, but Martorano's is also across the street; if you get there before 7pm you might be able to get free parking there. Parking is free after 6pm.

The decor of the place is in a word; white. White tables, white chairs, a white bar with white stuff hanging from the ceiling. Servers in all white. There are no TVs; just 2 projectors showing images of Greece on brick walls. The bar has aluminum stools.

They don't have any low end beers, so I ordered up a Mythos greek beer, served up in an 11.5 oz bottle for $5.

I planned on getting a couple of appetizers, but when I saw the prices I decided to just get one. I wanted to get something that I was familiar with, so I ordered up the Shrimp Saganaki for $17. I was going to make a joke and ask if they only gave 2 shrimp, but I decided against it.

They put a grilled pita and some olives in front of me; no hummus or anything to spread on the pita. Greek Olives aren't my thing.

They call the Saganaki a shared plate, but when it was put in front of me it was clear that this was an appetizer for one.

I'm not sure how you're supposed to share 3 shrimp. And they weren't huge shrimp either. Frankly I don't think that it was cooked enough; typically this comes out with the cheese bubbling. The cheese was only partially melted. They stuck the heads back on the peeled shrimp for presentation; it also made the shrimp look larger than they were.

$27 for 3 shrimp and a beer. Fairly priced? You make the call.

So now I'll tell you why this place isn't going to put Greek Islands out of business. As rough as the service can be there, they don't treat you like an imbecile; like you're going to pay $17 for 3 shrimp. They give you bread with hummus, and their prices are fair. They let you self-park your car. They understand the little things. And the little things matter.

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Nisi is now Thasos, again. What's up? Have the original owners returned, or did the new owner simply revert to the former name?
Yeah all Nisi signs have been removed from the building. As of now the only sign us the old Thasos one.
I don't see anything official, including a legal name change. One of the partners dropped out last year, but it's still under the same ownership.
I was wondering how this place could still be open; it appears to be under new ownership. They may be changing the name to Nisi this summer.
Did you ever eat Moussaka in a soup bowl? You too can experience that for 20.00 plus!!! And to boot it was spicy , salty and didn't take like lamb? We have had better Greek food in a diner.
I went there with three others for my friend's birthday. $300! Over priced, $300 for the four of us, not including dessert. For that price we could have gone somewhere else FOUR times each. Will not be returning!! We went across the street to the Italian bakery for dessert, it was awesome, cash only!
I agree! Pure chaos!
We tried Thasos the other night as we live on the Galt and like to support our neighbors. The portions are quite small and the prices are quite the opposite. The service was excellant and friendly, but it is not a place I would go to often. TOO expensive for what you get. The atmosphere is very contempory. The valet is free, so I don't see why people would complain about parking.
Actually the Hummus at Greek Islands is quite good. And yes, when you've reviewed 750 restaurants you don't need to sample the full menu to understand what a restaurant is trying to do. I saw other items that other people were ordering and they were all the same idea; less food for more money, because somehow they think they're great.

Given their location, the idea of catering to only those who don't care how much things cost is a pretty bad idea. A restaurant with zero track record that opens as the most expensive greek restaurant north of Miami has a very, very steep hill to climb. Often, restaurants only get 1 dish to get a customer to decide if they're going to come back. And when I get $2 worth of shrimp in tomato sauce for $17, they've lost me for good, even if it was the best I've ever had.
This comment hits the nail on the head. I had lunch there yesterday August 4, 2013. Apart from the food being tasteless... which has to be hard to do for a Greek restaurant... the fact that although I am a single 64 year old woman, dining alone, had a $42 LUNCH and also left a good tip, they turned their back on me when I got up to leave... did not say "thank you for coming" but worst... even though I am fit and strong, the front door must weigh a ton, it is huge... and I struggled terribly to open it and get out! It would have been proper restaurant etiquette to open the heavy door for a solo female. They knew I was leaving. He was standing right there. They knew their door was heavy. He turned his back. It was Sunday 3 pm and there were only three other people in the entire restaurant. Now I know why. The lamb sandwich had very little shaved lamb and about 25% was blatant fat. I had to tediously pull the fat off. The salad was soaking in completely tasteless very oily salad dressing. The baklava was served beautifully. Four times larger than I have gotten elsewhere... but it was not made with real butter. Big difference. I love real Greek baklava. Asking for a little extra salad instead of fries, became an issue. After I told the waitress what I preferred, she sent a man over who asked me which "side salad" I wanted to order. This is a normal request in every other restaurant. I asked for Greek coffee, but got American. The Greek wine was good and served in a very lovely thin stemmed glass which is rare in even fine restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. $12. Nope. I would not go back. Too bad. I eat out all the time. Don't they realize how loyal regular clientele can be? Additionally, inside, apart from the creative full sized sheep at the entry, the entire place is white but not posh. Looks like a cafeteria.
It's getting better
Tried it last night, Sunday Aug 12. Gorgeous place. We ate at the bar, and the bartender was not the greatest. LOVED the shrimp saganaki and greek salad, but overall disappointed with the menu. Ana is right, they were missing many favorite Greek dishes. Too many options on the menu that I would never order and really didn't know what they were. Ordered the crown roast of pork that was smoked and tasted more like bacon, not like pork off the grill. I hope they tweak their menu a bit. We live just a few blocks away, and really want to love this place.
I tried it on opening night... Atmosphere is modern but once you're there a few minutes it feels like you're eating in an Ikea store. Service was good, trying very hard to please and answer questions. Food was alright... Not really what I was expecting -- they were missing my favorite Greek dishes and didn't have normal hummus - no kabobs - no moussaka - no souvlaki - you get the idea... which was disappointing.
I hope they're better at cooking than they are at marketing. They're sure not doing a very good job of informing the public about this place.
You don't have to market when service and food speak for themselves.
When a restaurant opens and they think they're so great that they don't even need to show anyone a menu it's usually a bad forewarning of things to come.
Funny, because that's exactly the same idea/attitude that Greek Islands Taverna has.
I think you're right about that. They didn't even bother to answer any of our emails.
I can't wait for Thasos to open. I love Greek food and my husband is not a fan of Greek Islands. Do you have any news when it will open? Thank you.
Greek islands has bad service. I can't wait for Thassos!
Everyone in the area cant wait- we need an alternative place too- Greek Islands too rude!!
As the update says, first week in August.
as far the name concern there no name in greek alphavet my friend with 2 (ss) there fore for ur knowlege is thasos. and only thasos . thanks u in advance
The license for this venue shows a DBA of "Thassos Island", so maybe it's the people who are running the restaurant who don't know anything about greek stuff?

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