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Apr 14th, 2016

OAKI Steakhouse

4391 N Federal Hwy
Oakland Park FL, 33308
(754) 223-5913
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Free Parking


Creepy Decor
Mediocre to Poor Food
English is 2nd Language

Critic's Review

When this place first opened I dismissed it; mainly because there was zero info about the place; and 2 years later there isn't much more. They had a website for about a minute; but never got it quite working and gave up. Amateur hour.

It's since been learned that they are a "steakhouse" in the same way as Benihana is a steakhouse; Hibachi grilling. Ok. I'm low carbing it so I thought I'd give it a try.

Inside, it looks like an old diner; even though it's only 2 years old, the decor is mid-80s. They have a fish tank at the door; formica cabinets. Very beige.

They have a lunch menu with some combos and some curry; I went for the chicken and shrimp hibachi ($13), which comes with either miso soup or a salad with ginger dressing. Every single asian place has exactly the same special. Never a decent soup or an edible dressing. I asked if they had oil and vinegar; English was a problem for my server, but finally got through.

Tea came with a tiny sliver of lime. Totally ridiculous.

The salad came out right away.

Pretty lame. I'm guessing that they don't use oil and vinegar that often, because both of the dispensers had leaks. Quite a mess. Iceberg and carrots. Better than the Ginger dressing.

Music from Kris Allen, Daft Punk and Bruno Mars tortures me while I wait for the food. There's only one other person in the place; I'm astonished how these places can have 4 people working to serve 2 single lunchers. Finally it's delivered.

Presentation surely isn't a top priority; but I was just looking for some grilled meat and vegetables. Both the chicken and shrimp were devoid of flavor and both were overcooked. Dipping in the sauces and soy sauce made it edible. I didn't like the "fried" rice, it didn't taste much different than white rice and I don't need the carbs. The dumpling as cooked to a crisp on all sides, which isn't really how I like dumplings.


Typical, uncomfortable Asian restaurant with backyard chef food. There's nothing here to recommend.

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