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Phatboy 2017

Phat Boy Kitchen

4391 N Federal Hwy
Oakland Park FL, 33308
954 533-4218
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Hours: M-Thu 11:30am-12am, Fri 11:30am-2am, Sat 5:30am-2am, Sun 5:30-12am
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Wine and Beer
Outside Dining: No


Free Parking
Comfortable Restaurant
Good Sushi


Clunky Service

Critic's Review

Phat Boy has moved across the street into the old Even Keel space.

I put up the menu for Phat Boy yesterday, and while I didn't feel compelled to try yet-another place to get sushi; their menu caught my attention. More like a Japanese restaurant than just a little sushi place.

I got here at 2pm and there were 2 other tables occupied and 2 people at the bar. I don't do the bar during the day anymore, so I grabbed a table in the back.

Phatboy inside

I asked for an iced tea; I thought it was odd that it's $2 for unsweetened and $3 for sweetened. Then he came out with a can.

Phatboy tea

They really should tell you when the tea is in a can. Canned tea is much different that freshly brewed tea. This was actually pretty good, so no harm done.

The had a bunch of specials but nothing that caught my eye. I thought about the Bok Choy and the dumplings, but just ended up ordering the Lunch Sashimi special.

Phatboy specials

Not much going on here, they have a couple of TVs on, no music that I noticed and no wi-fi. Lunch comes with soup or salad; I went with the salad.

Phatboy salad

Weeds and carrots. Wasabi Dressing. Better than the orange stuff you get at most sushi places, but too much salt and sugar. The salad was delivered without utensils; I'm not sure if you're supposed to eat salad with chopsticks, but that I don't do.

The sushi came out just as I was finishing the salad.

Phatboy lunch

A nice looking plate.Tuna, Salmon, Escolar and snapper. I didn't like the snapper, but the escolar was delicious. Don't eat more than 6oz of escolar, but 3 slices is fine.

Phatboy sushi

All of the sushi was superb quality; this was easily the best sushi I've had anywhere in Fort Lauderdale. $16 with tip; a fair price for what I had.


This place does a good job of not being an uncomfortable Asian restaurant and has produced a menu that gives you lots of choices even if you don't want sushi. This place was a disaster before; they've transformed the dreadfully creepy Oaki Steakhouse into a pretty nice place.

Service is clunky but the sushi is good quality; this place is worth going a little out of your way for.

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