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Oct 18th, 2019

Raw Poke Bar

1304 E Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301


Parking: Street Metered


I've decided not to try this place, so you're on your own. It appears that they give you 2 oz of tuna for $12 with a bunch of other stuff (make your own), which isn't something I'm going to want.

And Although they call this a "bar", this appears to be the bar:

The didn't even bother cutting tiles to finish the floor.

I choose not to spend $12 on a bowl of stuff.

Real Poke:

Notice all of the tuna? This place gives you a little bit of tuna and fills the "bowl" with extras. No thanks.

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Exciting news. I've created a new category called Bowls to keep up with the trend of people selling bowls of stuff.

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