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Nov 18th, 2017

Beehive Kitchen

6312 N Andrews
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33309
954 541-8787
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Hours: 10:45pm - 10pm
Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
HasWifi: Yes, but you can't use it
Outdoor: Yes


Nicer than Chipotle
Fair Prices
Good Music


Yet Another QSR
Just a Bowl of Stuff
Shortage of Actual Good Food

Critic's Review

I look at the Beehive menu and see very little that interests me; but I had some time and I felt like getting out of the house. I wanted to go late, because in this area lunch hour is the big deal. And on opening day you never know what's going to happen.

When a place first opens you get someone opening the door for you and a cheerful girl to explain the menu to you. Let's see how long that lasts. I'd already seen the menu so I knew what I was ordering.

When I got to the line everything became clear; this place is Chipotle without the burrito option. The "bowls" are exactly the same. Chipotle is easier because you don't have limits on what you can put in the bowl.

This place is a problem for me because I don't like 80% of the choices. The meats weren't what I expected; they looked very chipotle-like and less like the pictures on their web site.

I asked for greens, the cilantro basmati rice, steak and mushrooms; The server dude informed me that the steak was $2 extra which I already knew.

The sauces come in small measured containers; this place was designed by a bean-counter.

The place has very clean lines, to fit the narrative that the food is good for you or something. I got a bottle of water but I should have gotten an iced tea. I wasn't planning on eating the whole thing here so the water would serve me better after I left.

I noticed an engineering error when I sat down; the seats are fixed, and the end seat is too close to the leg of the table. I could barely get my leg through it. A larger person won't be able to sit on the end.

As I got organized and pondered my bowl of stuff, I wondered if this place was going to be able to pass itself off as health food. The false narrative has worked for Chipotle with the Millenials.

I tasted the steak. Not very tasty. It wasn't bad, but not good enough on its own. Probably some really cheap cut. Time to load it up with the spoonful of chimichurri they gave me. I tasted it first; a pretty good version, but they've got nothing on the real Argentinean places.

It was about 1/3 as much as I would have liked. I probably could have asked for more, but I didn't.

They can say whatever they want about the rice, but It tasted like plain rice. The whole mushrooms didn't fit the concept with the chopped up meat; they should probably slice up the mushrooms. Luckily I had my plastic knife.

Music is good, with Three Dog Night, James Brown and Sigala filling the air. The hostess girl came by to ask if she could take my tray and I asked for the wifi password; she didn't know it but when she came back she said that wifi wasn't available yet. So what was the guest network for?

Once I'd finished the meat there wasn't much reason to take home the rest; there wasn't enough sauce for the lettuce and chimichurri doesn't really work on lettuce anyway.

They have garbage bins in this place; Another QSR restaurant opens in Fort Lauderdale.


What we have here is someone who looked at Chipotle, and said to themselves "What if the place was nicer and we offer quinoa and kale and charge $1.50 more?". And that's exactly what we have here at Beehive Kitchen.

While I was eating, I thought it was ballsy for them to open RIGHT NEXT TO Chipotle. Would you open a coffee house next to a Starbuck's? The arrogance, I thought. But then I surmised that perhaps it was a strategy; how better to gauge how you fare against Chipotle in the market than to open right next to one? Maybe this place is a test, before they pump big money into the concept.

Chipotle was packed today at 3pm and this place not so much.

All of the restaurants in this strip are open 11am-10pm 7 days a week; except Jersey Mikes which closes at 9pm. Who are they serving on Weekends in this area?

Chipotle without the sour cream and cheese and guacamole, and you're only allowed to get 4 items. I can say for certain that I won't ever be back here; and I'm not sure I'll bother with the one they're opening on Las Olas a block from where I live. Not because it's bad or too expensive; but because there's just nothing here that interests me. I like the cheese and sour cream.

Previous Musings

Centurion restaurant group, owners of the Bulla Gastrobar Chain, is opening a new concept in Fort Lauderdale.

This is the dumbest name for a restaurant since 'Sweet Nectar". Saladworks next door discovered they couldn't pay the rent selling salads for 5 meals a week; maybe they got a better deal on the rent?

With Sweet Tomatoes in bankruptcy they could benefit if they close the store across the street, but for now the best they can hope to do it lure away a fraction of their customers. Chipotle next door is always tough competition, as Pei Wei is finding out.

Beehive Kitchen is a quick service restaurant that specializes in healthy traditional dishes at moderate prices, making people "think inside the bowl".

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This place closed for awhile and installed ordering Kiosks, which are a disaster in practice. Get some computer illiterate in front of you and you'll be waiting awhile. I also want to SEE the food before they put it in a bowl; nothing like a pile of burned broccoli to ruin your day.
I'd like to request that stupid people refrain from leaving comments.
Ryan K
Once again, there's only 1 place to get a real review around here. Well done.
All the 5 star reviews crack me up. I mean it's ok, but what's the point of giving every place 5 stars?
james l. riedy
How can an area with so much money be such a gastronomic wasteland? I can hardly wait to get back to Chicago.
It's a tourist town where a handful of people control too many things, including government. And it's not really a rich city; half of the population works in hospitality and salaries in FL are low; and Fort Lauderdale isn't where wealthy people come on vacation. And most of the people who are wealthy only live here for a few months a year.

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