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Dec 10th, 2019

Pincho Factory

6234 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308
954 900-5470
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Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
HasWifi: No
Outdoor: No
Reservations: No
Delivery: No


Good Pinchos
Cheaper than then Miami Locations


Confusing Menu
No Unsweetened Tea or Lemon
Fast Food Ambiance

Critic's Review

Pincho Factory has gotten off to a bad start in Fort Lauderdale; they've been advertising that if you give them your email they might invite you to the VIP opening party. I planted a bunch of addresses and got nothing before I discovered they are open; The only "party" they're having is a free burger giveaway this weekend that's open to everyone and will probably be so crowded that I wouldn't waste my time with it. Plus I don't really want a burger. Note: they contacted us and claimed that there was a "dinner" for 40 people and that there would be a video, but I suspect that it was a "friends and family". When you advertise a contest and don't announce the results with actual identifiable winners that aren't connected to the restaurant, you've simply failed.

I decided to try it today, arriving at 2:15pm to a fairly empty restaurant. It started out badly as they have a big 'menu" on the wall that is both confusing and useless. They don't have the actual products on the menu. I grabbed a paper menu and they also don't have many of their actual menu items on the menu. Seriously? They just have a plain hot dog and a plan grilled cheese. I'd seen more complicated items on some of the reviews, so I asked about them. They call it the "secret menu"; an idea designed to rip you off by not having to divulged the prices of their products.

They also have "blackboard specials", with no prices. One sounded good but I didn't feel like asking the price.

The marketing here is pure BS; another place advertising hormone free burgers; an impossibility, along with a lot of other claims that are likely untrue. No matter, I ordered a Fritanga Hot dog and a steak Pincho, because when you go to a place called Pincho Factory you ought to order a pincho.

They gave me a plastic cup and ran my CC and I was off to the beverage station. $16.99 seemed a big high for what I ordered.

They have some ornate stuff on the walls on the way.

The beverage station is one of those multi function machines that only has sweetened iced tea as far as i could see. No lemons. No silverware, salt or pepper. Not much of anything. Just ketchup and mayo in squeeze bottles.

The restaurant is very sterile and kind of boring, with storefront ambiance and no seating that is very interesting.

This is the hated "quick serve" format, where you get a number and they bring your food to the table after you fetch your drinks and condiments. Just a justification for charging you more for fast food.

When my food came out I realized that I had no knife or fork. I went back to the beverage station, but there are none there. The manager asked what I was looking for and offered to get me a rollup.

I'd ordered the hot dog with the 'slaw' on the side, and it's a good thing. The slaw is downright terrible.

The "steak" pincho isn't very impressive looking; just a bunch of meat chunks on a stick. Served with a cilantro dipping sauce.

But, the meat is very tasty. If you like your meat bland you won't like this, This stuff is heavily seasoned. It's quite good.

The hot dog was $5.99, so they charge $2 for a piece of fried cheese and some really bad cole slaw. That's why it's on the "secret" menu. I took a bite and it's a pretty good hot dog, but the cheese is a nothing burger. I'd rather have cheddar or chili than this. I decided I wanted mustard on it and I made another trip to the beverage station; this time looking at the mayo wondering if it was mustard. I asked a worker eating nearby if it was mustard and he said he'd get me some. Another thing necessary that isn't generally available.

Not a bad hot dog but nothing special; and certainly not worth $6.

I didn't see a trash bin, so I just got up and left.


These Latin places have never done well north of Miami, mainly because Nicaraguan and Colombian food sucks. Potato sticks and pink sauce. I'm not a big fan.

While the Pincho was very good, I hate everything about the setup here. Maybe they're just disorganized, but this is their 9th restaurant so there's no excuse. The menu is the most important thing a restaurant has, and these guys are playing games on day 1 but not even showing customers the full menu.

No silverware, no mustard, no sides with your pincho or sandwich. $16.99 is too much for what I had in an uncomfortable restaurant with no service. At least I didn't have to leave a tip.

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I guess the Doctors and Nurses didn't like the Latin Burgers

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