Mar 7th, 2019
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Mar 5th, 2018

Brown Dog Eatery

2701 E Oakland Park Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33306
954 396-0930
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Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Lot with metered and free parking
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
HasWifi: Yes
Wifi password: BeNice2018
Outdoor: Yes


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Storefront Ambiance
No Privacy Anywhere in the Restaurant
Wildly Overpriced Comfort Food

Critic's Review

Today I made a mistake. Today I went into the Brown Dog Eatery.

The mistake I made was I looked at the menu for the Brown Dog Eatery in Georgia, and they have a much better menu than this place. I thought perhaps Elliot had come to his senses about his pricing. I was wrong.

The parking lot here is a disaster; with trucks parked there's barely enough space to pass through. One side has free parking and the other is metered; all of the employees in the stores take up the free parking and the customers get to pay.

It started badly as there's no hostess, so I was just standing at the front door for awhile. There were a bunch of Ladies who Lunch at the bar, so there was no chance I was sitting there. And the high tops at the bar looked sad and unappealing.

A server came over and asked if I'd like a booth, table or outside. "A booth please". The problem is, there are no booths at the Brown dog. Note to staff: bench seating are not booths just because they're cushioned.

This place looks exactly like it did when it was Santa Lucia, a place that I really hated. They expanded the old Frankie and Johnny's and it just looks like a makeshift restaurant. Zero privacy in the entire place.

A view of Oakland Park Blvd provides glare throughout your meal during the stay. Bring Sunglasses.

There is no actual lunch menu here; just a bar bites menu with a $13 price point.

I couldn't really find anything I wanted on the menu; I'd decided what I wanted on the wrong menu and everything here is ridiculously priced. Why are the Fish and Chips $23 here when it's $19 at Del Frisco's on Las Olas? How stupid are the people who come here? I just ordered the French Onion Soup, because it's something I was thinking about recently.

Music is all over the place ranging from the annoying Chic's "Everybody Dand" to Manfred Mann and David Bowie. The soup came out in 8 minutes.

Looked about right on the surface. although green onions on French onion soup seemed odd. This stuff is HOT, so you have to wait a bit to eat it.

They claim the cheese is "gruyere, provolone and swiss" cheese. Why all 3? Gruyere is used classically, although most of the chain restaurants that we're used to use provolone and/or mozzarella. The cheese on the soup was ok.

There were a lot of onions in the soup; I can't complain that they loaded it up with bread and broth like some places.

But the taste was a bit off. Maybe the sourdough; maybe they left out the sherry or the bouquet garni. Not bad, but not great either.

So I'm done with the soup and my glass is empty and I'm waiting and waiting for my server to get my check. I waited at least 5 minutes with this in front of me.

When he did come over and I told him to get my check, he took the bowl and left the glass without offering a refill on my $3 glass of colored water. That cost him a buck.


I avoided this place because after several visits to Red Cow and one to Top Hat, I've given up on Be Nice restaurants. My initial discovery of Coconut's Jambalaya was a stroke of luck; never to be repeated.

Is soup and iced tea worth $12? I'll leave that up to you.

I didn't like this place when it was Santa Lucia, and I still don't like it. I just don't believe that Wolf's food is worth the prices he charges.

Pre-Opening Musings

Not sure what happened with Twenty Seven Oak, but it looks like Eliott Wolf will be opening yet-another overpriced eatery at this location. Keeping with the colored animal themes used with his Red Cow and Foxy Brown restaurants,

I would have hoped for a different color here, but it is what it is. Unfortunately the only thing I've had that I really like at any of Wolf's restaurants was the Jambalaya at Coconut's, so excuse me for not being very interested in this.

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It's kind of insulting for this completely uninspiring restaurant to charge these prices at lunch. Even the best restaurants have smaller portions or charge a bit less for lunch.
It's a business model. Give discounts to employees and gouge the tourists. It's doesn't work for locals. I should have known better.
They finally got a sign
I see a lot of photos of weak looking food with comments like "amazing". What are these people used to eating, dog food?
It looks to me as if they haven't done anything with the place, and there's nothing that interesting on the menu. Just another watering hole for Be Nice employees. Nothing innovative to lure me in.
Looks like foxy brown North from the reviews.
Some of the shills the Be Nice folks try to post here are hilarious.
Daily hot pockets are "market price" lol
I honestly wouldn’t eat there simply because I think that is a stupid name for a restaurant.
I guess you wouldn't go to the famous Black Dog Tavern on Martha's Vineyard either ?!?! That name certainly hasn't hurt that business !!
Opening March 1. We have the menu.

Predictably overpriced. $23 fish and chips and half a $7 chicken for $18.

Foxy Brown's for the north side of town.
You forgot about the Bistro "Steak" aka petite sirlion for $25. Thats a $12.50 Outback dish.
Could be anything. The Millenials will love it. At Outback that comes with a Caesar and Bread ....
How much will the cauliflower sandwich cost?
The Be Nice people, who eat at a discount, seem angry that we don't allow their shills. That's why I don't go to Wolf's restaurants anymore. It's not a bad price when you're eating for half price.

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