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Jun 16th, 2018


468 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301
954 338-2600
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Hours: 10a-11p
Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Private Lot and Free Garage
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Beer & Wine Only
HasWifi: Yes
Wifi password: None - you have to give them a fake email to get in
Outdoor: Sort of


Hip Decor
Cool Takeout Bags


Chicken isn't very Good
Hot Sauce isn't Hot

Insider Tips

Rotisserie Chickens next door are Better

Critic's Review

I was parked 50 feet from the place when I went to Fresh Market, so I decided to get some chicken. I eat a lot of chicken, so it's difficult to get excited about it. But I tried the other location when they first opened and I owed it to them to see if they've gotten any better.

Inside the place is very rectangular; menu on the wall, music blaring; a fast food restaurant with nicer furniture.

I was surprise there was anyone else there at 4:40p on a Friday. Some people eat early I guess.

The place reminds me of Burger Fi.

They're all in on the saucy station; I was astonished on my visit to their first location to find that the hot sauce wasn't hot. Maybe they've fixed the problem?

While I waited I fiddled with my phone; the wifi here has an annoying login where they ask for you email. Why annoy your customers with such nonsense. I'm not giving you my real email address anyway.

I ordered a 1/4 chicken white meat this time with "hot" sauce, and laid out the extra $1 to "upgrade" to sweet potato mash.

They have pretty fancy bags, which I promise you're paying for in the price of the product.

When I opened the food, I said to myself "This is a Dinner?". It just didn't seem like much food for $9.35. They didn't give me any extra sauce, so I guess you just get when they brush on the chicken? I should have gotten some cause at the Saucy bar, but I thought I'd get a container with my take out. They're very cheap with the sauce!

I tried the sweet potato mash first; the word I'd use is addictive. Just the right amount of sweetness. I'll swirl some butter into this when I reheat this and it will be even better. Not sure why I had to pay an extra $1 for it though; What's in here, 1/2 a yam? Most places don't charge more for sweet potato fries and there's nothing to a mash other than some liquid.

The chicken had a citrusy flavor; the hot sauce has absolutely no heat. NONE. The flavor of the sauce only makes it about 1/4" deep; most of the breast is just dry and flavorless. What's interesting is that the sauce doesn't play well with salt. When I salted the meat, it seemed to make the sauce taste bad. Not that there was any sauce on the chicken.

Unlike the chicken I got at the other location, this chicken was cooked through; however it was quite dry. The trick of cooking the chicken properly and still having it be moist has not yet been mastered by Spatch.

I can get a whole chicken better than this for the same price, and then I can put actually hot sauce on it if that's what I want. Why buy this stuff?


If you want to sell citrus grilled chicken fine; but don't advertise the sauce as being made with super hot peppers if your sauce has no heat. I'm astonished that nobody in this restaurant group understands this simple concept.

I rarely order chicken out because it's too easy to make cutlets at home or to just pick up a rotisserie chicken; for the same price I get 4x as much chicken plus 2 quarts of stock. I can't think of a reason that I'd ever come in this place again.

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That Peri-Peri chicken idea was a real winner, eh?
They used the 'S' word on Murphy Brown, confusing their audience in the same way TRP has confused Fort Lauderdale.
9.49 for 7 wings? do I get blue cheese with that? I thought this was fast food? That's a nice sports bar price.
I still don't get the location selection. You can buy a whole Rotisserie next door for $7.99. If you love the Spatch hot sauce, just buy a bottle. If you're going to open a chicken joint, it has to be better than a rotisserie chicken.
As a Brit, I'm not sure why anywhere would aspire to be Nandos anyway. It's essentially the quintessential place for 17 year olds to go on dates in a 'real' restaurant. Had Spatch once last year and found was more reminiscent of the local street takeout places from home, which I was always far more fond of. Doesn't seem to be any reason to open a second place though.
Now hiring! Chicken with hot sauce coming soon!
i challenge anyone to show me a worse concentration of 6 worthless eating places in the continental US
Fort Lauderdale Beach?
Is anyone excited about this? Is the other location even surviving? Why double down? I's nothing like Nando's.
My guess is that they blame the other store's lack of traction on the location. That Fresh Market is a disaster. Fresh Market has the best Rotisserie chickens.

Have you ever heard anyone even mention Spatch?
The original location is consistently busy, I think it's been successful, I have been many times since they opened.
I go to US1 Ft. Laud. Fresh Market all the time, no way is Spatch "consistently busy."

As a matter of fact it's consistently empty.
Spot checks, no pictures of a crowd in a year, lack of people googling, lack of page hits, etc would suggest otherwise.

Everyone is busy from 12-1p. The point is there's no interest. At lunch you get local workers. But it's not like anyone is going out of their way for the chicken with hot sauce. There's no buzz. Nobody saying "Hey, have you tried Spatch"?
Alan C
It's a fast casual grilled chicken place. That's like saying nobody goes out of their way to research and travel to Whole Enchilada or Temple Street. Of course not... they are local casual spots that mainly are busy for lunch. That doesn't mean you are a failure that's just the type of place it is.
As a prototype for a chain, it's a loser. Whether they're making money or not isn't really relevant. Are investors going to want to fund an expansion? Of course if I heart mac and cheese can sell franchises, maybe anyone can.
What is opening next to Spatch and across from Doc B? Drove past last nite, looks close to opening, i’ve not heard what this is going to be.
There's a Press & Grind coffee, if that's what you mean. Coffee isn't food so I haven't felt compelled to list it. They're going to have "Artisan Sandwiches". I'm getting nauseous.
Solved - it’s Goodspirits, the Flanigans people new place, it’s right next to Press n Grind
The "What's Nearby" feature could have answered that. We've had a listing for months for it. It's 4 doors down so I didn't think you meant that place.
Why open next to another fresh market where you can get a whole chicken for $7
Fully cooked chickens!

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