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Jan 10th, 2018


2620 W Broward
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33312
954 652-1003
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Hours: Open 24 hours
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes


Better than 7-11
Cheap, Decent Food


Amateur Sandwich Makers

Critic's Review

Once in a blue moon I feel like a bagel; I was going to stop at Dunkin Donuts on my way to Walmart but I don't care for their coffee. "WaWa has bagels", I thought, why not save a stop?

The coffee setup has just about every kind of cow-based creamer you can think of; no oat milk, but I don't use that stuff anyway.

You order the bagel on a terminal; them fetch your coffee and pay while you're waiting. They don't check to see if you've paid or not; they just give you the food without checking the receipt.

They only have plain, everything and cinnamon-raisin bagels; my bagel of choice is sesame; so I wasn't thrilled I skipped DD. A bagel with cream cheese is $1.98.

More than a schmear; I can't complain about the portion.

It was an "OK" bagel, but nothing I'd order again. About the same an Einstein's. I vote yes on the coffee and no on the bagel.

Review 1/10/18

I shop at Walmart once a week or so, and they opened this place next door; I heard they have food. It's a big gas station / convenience store, sort of like a 7-11 but much larger.

They also make sandwiches to order, unlike the 7-11. You place your order on a POS, which is sort of like ordering online except you order in the store.

I finished my sub order and it spit out a receipt with a number on it; no paying here. I had no idea how it all worked as I quickly found out. My number was 800 and they had just called out 784, so I wondered how long it would be?

They have a big coffee area and coffee is just $1. I noticed that they have light cream, my preferred hot coffee creamer, so I made myself a cup.

The numbers aren't called in order, luckily, so they called my number pretty quickly. I went up to get my sub, and they told me I had to pay first. Of course I had no idea where to pay. As it turns out, there's a single cashier in the store, so I had to wait on line behind people buying tobacco and lottery tickets. Just fantastic.

I got the sub home, and was amused by the masking tape.

They didn't wrap the sandwich in a way that would keep everything from falling out; the whole thing almost dumped onto the table.

I had to repack it; this is not made by someone who understands how to pack a sub with ingredients. The ingredients were just kind of thrown on the bread.

All in all, not a bad sandwich. There was only one stack of meat (for $1.60 more you can get double meat); for the price this was more than enough food for lunch. With the coffee it came to $5.82.


While I can't see myself becoming a regular here, I can come to 2 conclusions. First, their coffee setup is better than the 7-11s down here. The setup is similar to the 7-11s in NY where they have a wide variety of real dairy creamers and flavorings. Second, the sandwich was better than subway. Amateur sandwich makers, but decent and reasonably fresh ingredients. I've had worse subs than I had today.

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