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Jun 5th, 2018

Henry's Sandwich Station

545 NW 1st Avenue
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301
954 616-5538


Hours: M-Th 8-8p Fri/Sat 8-9p Sun 9a-5p
CC: Yes


Just when we thought we had Marc Falsetto contained in Himmarshee....

The Rok:Brgr people are branching out into the armpit known as Fat Villiage, where Millenials will pay Las Olas prices for meat on bread. They won't even call their pastrami pastrami; they call it smoked meat, probably to avoid the embarrassment of it being compared to actual pastrami. A $12.50 Cuban and $12 Grilled cheese will keep me from coming time and time again.

The menu is an exercise in fake marketing; Truffled this and cultured that. They even have "garlic pesto fries", because the average Fort Lauderdale diner doesn't know that garlic is a key ingredient in pesto.

Best of All:

No Substitutions please, including the Bread. We know better.

Another overpriced sandwich shop opens in Fort Lauderdale.

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New Menu; prices are up. Just $10 for 3 pancakes. The "It's not Pastrami" smoked brisket is off the menu.
The concept here is that they don't appear to make enough food for a whole day of business, so unless you get their early for lunch, they might be out of what you want to order. Be prepared.
"Armpit known as Fat Village" ??? I will be sure to think of that as I go home to my half a million dollar loft this evening at the Foundry. This site has becomes less and less about the actual restaurants you review and more about your pointless rants. Sad.
You can build nice condos in an armpit neighborhood. I locked my doors and make sure my windows were rolled up as I drove through the area. Usually "lofts" are in armpit neighborhoods, because it's easy to convert a warehouse to a loft.

Feel free to use the map tool to get a street view of the neighborhood. I get that you're trying to pretend the neighborhood is upscale, but lets be real.

This site is designed to shoot down the propagandists like yourself. This place is a sandwich shop in an industrial park charging downtown prices. Plus it's JEY, so we know what it is without having to spend any money to try it.

As for the rants, what we have is the same people opening the same kind of restaurants who have no track record of serving good food. So what's the point of doing an in depth review of yet-another Be Nice restaurant? You know what it is before it opens. This place insults us with their menu; assuming we're idiots and offering "No Substitutions" like it's Katz's Deli or something. It's ridiculous.
I always wondered why they built condos on this desolate strip. Who would want to live on the tracks in an industrial area? It's no place for a woman at night!
I've lived in the Fat Village area for 4 years. Is it better than it was before...certainly. Is it all that? Hell no. Lots of people invested there try and talk it up as something special, but it's not. A lot of bad graffiti doesn't make it the next Wynwood. And walk around there at night? At your own risk. Litter is always a good indication of the neighborhood, and it's a trash bin. They need to get on that and hard. Sorry, but Gary grossly over paid. A half mil and all you got was a condo in Fat Village? Might want to explore the entire Fort Lauderdale area a bit more.
Fort Lauderdale is all about "talking up" junk. Hence the reason for this site.
Ate there this weekend, ran out of all 3 sandwiches that i ordered. Ended up with a crispy chicken sandwich, not very good. For the price, i think it was $46.00 for 2 sandwiches and 2 beers. Way to much for what we got, I don't see it lasting to long.
Apparently this was supposed to be named Proper Sandwiches and they got sued by Proper Sausages and had to change the name. They got away with PizzaCraft (a registered trademark) but you would have thought they'd learned their lesson.
The sandwiches I've seen online don't look so good. Thick cut, fatty "smoked meat". Too much bread. Uninspiring Cubans. If I want a bad Cuban I can go to Colada.

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