Last Update
Sep 24th, 2019


112 Commercial Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308
954 526-4444


Hours: M-Fri 8a - Close, Sat-Sun pa-3p
Parking: Street Metered


Update: The same ownership has slapped up a new sign and is now serving sliders.

A first time restauranteur has opened a "BBQ" in Lauderdale by the sea. All of the prices end with .44, which I guess means that price increases will all be at least $1.

Prices are pretty high and there doesn't appear to be any lunch menu; they have a full liquor license but according to their website they're not open Saturday night. The menu doesn't indicate if the entrees include sides; if sides aren't included the ribs are way too expensive. $7.44 for a 75 cent breakfast sandwich.

No posts on their FB page since early February; if I didn't drive by I'd have no idea they were open.

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Could be a good place if they stop playing such horrendous music. Too much of the south beach type music and vibe...not a good fit.
Nothing to see here.

The same ownership has slapped up a new sign and seems to have moved from BBQ to an edgy Sliders menu. No website or FB page detected; the old web site is parked.
Seems like a waste of effort to just change the name; it's not like Station 44 isn't already generic. Do they think they're going to lure in people from Coral Springs with Sliders? It's the same neighborhood people no matter what you call the place.
I drove by the location over the weekend and the Station 44 signs are gone and a new name is up for "Slide-N"
Owner claims that if I allow him to comment on his own restaurant it will "legitimatize" the site. Funny stuff.
They claim to be in "soft opening", so be prepared to pay full price to be a guinea pig while they train.
Local resident of LBTS
Clearly the writer of this post did not walkaround and compared prices to similar dishes in the area.
If a guy next door is charging $15 for a hot dog it doesn't make a $13 hot dog a fair price. The fact that other bad restaurants are ripping you off in the area doesn't change the evaluation of this menu.

The question I ask is: Do I want to spend $11.44 on a chicken sandwich at a restaurant with no track record as a good restaurant? The answer is NO. Do I want to spend $8.44 for a hot dog? The answer is NO. Do I want to spend $10.44 for a simple omelet with 2 incredients? NO I dont. Do I want to spend $19.44 for a Caribbean "beef" dish where they don't even tell me what kind of beef it is at a restaurant with no track record? The answer is NO.

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