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Jul 5th, 2018

Press And Grind Cafe

474 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301
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CC: Yes
Outdoor: Yes


Clean, Handsome Space
Competitively Priced Coffee


Froofy Menu
Not as Good as Starbucks
Storefront Ambiance

Critic's Review

Press and Grind is a new Millenial focused coffee house in the strip mall adjacent to Fresh Market. They don't have a sign nor have they applied for a permit for a sign, so I guess they don't think they need a sign. If you didn't know they were here, you wouldn't be able to tell even if you drove right by the place. Their pre-opening signs were more prominent.

The don't have a menu with prices online, so I wasn't going to eat. They have Acai bowls and avocado toasts; all the modern stuff being pushed by the "how to run a restaurant" magazines. I figured I'd just get some coffee.

It's a square storefront with tables and a small "lounge" area with more comfortable chairs.

A lot of people here with computers for the free Wifi; do people really not have internet in their homes in 2018? How do you watch NetFlix?

There are 2 doors to the place; if you enter from the sidewalk across from Doc B's. you're facing what is the pick up counter, which of course I didn't know. I went looking for menu over here until I realized that the counter is on the

The main counter is adorned with all sorts of fruits and pastries. A woman in front of me was chatting it up with the counter person; hello, there are people on line.

I was going to get a cold brew but you have to get a large, which was way more than I wanted. Why can I only get a large; does it come in a bottle? I settled on the house blend, just to see how their basic coffee was.

I sat down for a couple of minutes just to take the place in. The coffee was ok; not as good as Starbucks or good enough to drink without sugar, but drinkable.

Something covered up on the cup.


Frankly I'm not sure why anyone would want to compete with Starbucks, but coffee houses are popping up all over, mostly in low rent districts. A place like this has to hope that people don't hang out for 1/2 a day with a $3 cup of coffee; they're going to have to sell a lot of those fancy bowls. I have internet at home so I have no reason to come here.

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Joe K
Nice job on the site redesign. The bigger pictures really make a difference.

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