Last Update: Oct 8th, 2020
LaBoulangerie Fort Lauderdale

La Boulangerie

2364 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33305
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Hours: 7:30am-8:30p
Attire: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Wine and Beer
Has WiFi: Yes
WiFi Password: None
Outside Dining: Yes


Pleasant Atmosphere
Free Parking


Miniscule Portions
Clunky Service

Critic's Review

On a 72 degree morning I thought about having breakfast outside, and this is the new place in town. So I came down and arrived at about 11:30.

La Boulangerie Front

The previous restaurant had a big outside patio, probably not properly permitted; this place just has a couple of tables on the sidewalk. The chairs didn't look comfortable and I was afraid there would be smoking, so I opted to grab a table inside.

LaBoulangerie Interior

Not a bad crowd for late morning. In the afternoon the sun is bad here (I remember from the previous locations); there's not much of a view from the venue stuffed into an inside corner space.

LaBoulangerie View from Inside

Calling the service here clunky would be kind. There's a server girl and a dude who seems to be the owner who sort of get in each other's way. The server girl brought me a menu and offered me water; I notice that it was served in a cheap plastic cup so I wasn't keen on it; I asked for coffee. This created a confusing sequence, as coffee is included with breakfast. So apparently they have to know what you're ordering before they can bring you coffee. I told her I was having breakfast, so she brought the coffee.

LaBoulangerie Coffee

The high priced breakfast also comes with orange juice, also in a cheap plastic cup. While I was waiting for the girl to bring me the OJ, the dude asked me if I wanted orange juice and brought me another OJ after I already had one. Awkward.

The Coffee is very good.

The OJ is served warm; freshly squeezed but it's better chilled.

The menu is weird; it's like they elevate the prices by including OJ and coffee; the scrambled eggs prices are about the same as the Benedicts; I ordered eggs Benedict hoping that the French might know how to make hollandaise sauce.

They play soft Christmas music; probably something different in March, but it was pleasant.

The eggs came out in 12 minutes.

LaBoulangerie Eggs Benadictine

The menu says this comes with asparagus and roasted tomato; I don't have to explain how sad this plate looks. 1 asparagus spear is ridiculous; they didn't even trim the tough end. When you get a big bunch of asparagus there's usually a few stalks that you just throw away; this was one of those. Stringy and inedible.

The tomato was equally bad; it would have been nice if the garlic clove was roasted but it was just a warm clove. It was a bad tomato to start with; maybe I got 2 bites out of the tomato with very little taste.

The eggs were properly poached; the first thing you do with eggs Benedict is pierce the yolks so they run over the muffins.

LaBoulangerie Eggs Pierced

At first I though one of them was soft boiled, but it was fine. The hollandaise, unfortunately, was a bland yellow sauce without much taste of butter or lemon. Not much better than the junk you get at a diner made by a short order cook.

LaBoulangerie Dense Muffin and poached egg

The muffins were very dense; I had trouble cutting them with the butter knife provided. Not very much food in this dish considering the waste.

LaBoulangerie waste

I wasn't sure if refills were included and my cup was empty. The dude came over and I asked for my check; he offered me more coffee and I took it. The dude next to me ordered the Huevos Rancheros and I wanted to see it come out; I was afraid to order it myself. Not surprisingly it looked nothing like what you'd get in a Mexican restaurant but it looked decent; served with french bread.

Another example of a dish here; scrambled eggs and cheese for $13.95.

Lab scrambled

A $5 breakfast plate.

The check comes in a yellow tin cup. Gimmicky and weird.

LaBoulangerie Check

A lot of money for not much food. I doubt I'll ever be back again.


This place jacks up prices by including unwanted orange juice with every breakfast (usually a $4 or $5 option), and it's not even chilled. Too bad for you if you don't drink coffee, because you're paying for it anyway. Obviously 1 dried out asparagus spear is a garnish and not actual food; for the price the food served was insultingly sparse.

There's no privacy or booths anywhere in the restaurant; other than the French Atmosphere there's no much of interest here. Small portion breakfasts are the opposite of what I'm looking for.

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this place claims to not be permanently closed, but social media interaction stopped 18 weeks ago, so they don't seem to care much about their customers.
Le Gourmand
The place isn't French. Not a single French person working there.. I believe it's owned by Venezuelans whick explains why a French bakery would sell empanadas and huevos rancheros.
Only french people can open a french restaurant? Not much of a market for a Venezuelan restaurant.

It certainly explains the bad Hollandaise.
Linda A.
Love the site. So informative!
Hard to believe they have multiple location with this idea
I've thought about trying this place but I can't pull the trigger on an $18 breakfast. The sun is bad in the afternoon and they don't appear to have shades. I've made that mistake twice at this location.

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