Feb 21st, 2019
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Aug 28th, 2018


1904 S University Dr
Davie FL, 33324



Celebrity Chef Ralph Pagano planned to open a naked taco in this location, but his kitchen accident derailed his plans to grow the "naked" brand.

Mash'd is a Texas based venue with weird food that reminds me a bit of Brick House Tap and Tavern. Their web site features some of the worst looking food I've ever seen.

It appears that the gimmick here is that they've taken standard recipes and ruined them with additional ingredients in an effort to be edgy. Hummus with white beans, corn in their spinach dip, pineapple in the Guacamole, chorizo in the meatballs, lots of Sriracha ; but the big gimmick is "Akaushi Beef", whatever that is.

Another place to get a $14 Salad or Cheeseburger opens near Fort Lauderdale.

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akaushi beef is an american wagyu beef program.

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