Nov 9th, 2018
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Nov 9th, 2018

Snipes is Embarrassing Broward County

Brenda Snipes is all over the news; her antics as our seemingly corrupt Elections Supervisor is making Broward seem like some sort of 3rd world country.

On Tuesday night, Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott had sizable leads in their Governor and Senator races; enough so that networks declared both of them to be winners.

Enter Brenda Snipes, who "found" 78,000 ballots after election day; meanwhile Democratic leaning Palm Beach County also "found" 15,000 ballots. None of the other counties had more than a handful of late ballots show up.

Governor Scott got a court order Friday ordering Snipes to give access to the ballots to election officially at 7pm; as of 7:20 she's refused to comply with the order. It's possible that Snipes could be suspended and the Florida Secretary of State could take over the county election program.

Snipes has admitted under oath that non-citizens vote in Broward County, and she claims to have "lost the manual" on how to remove dead people from the voting roles. Snipes has been cause with more registered voters than citizens. The ACRU is currently suing Snipes' office for refusing to do her job

See the Case Here

A former DOJ attorney familiar with the case called Snipes' office "A total clown show". He has deposed the workers in her office and said that "none of them know what they're doing" and called Snipes "The worst Election Official in the Country".

Dishonest Democrats never seem to notice that these "recount" controversies always result in ballots being found that disproportionally benefit the democratic candidate. And that the problems are ALWAYS in predominantly democratic counties.

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When the 2 parties can't agree that non-citizen votes shouldn't count, then we don't just have people with differing opinions. We have people who simply don't have any principles and who don't care about the country at all.
Nelson's attorney finally clarified that the lawyer who wanted non-citizens votes counted wasn't authorized to speak out loud and that non-citizens are not allowed to vote in the USA.
Several people in town told me they voted early and often....Only in Broward County you can believe this..The poll workers seemed clueless when i voted...
Snipes is a Democratic operative and always has been.

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