Nov 15th, 2018
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Nov 15th, 2018

The Broward Ballot Issue is Fake News

Democrats whine; it's what they do. The Florida Governor and Senator races were well out of reach of a recount, yet Gillum and Nelson just keep hanging on.

One of the "stories" brewing is that the Ballot was confusing; that people didn't notice the senate race on page 1 of the ballot because it was in the lower left hand corner. There were many ballots where a vote for Governor was present and there was no vote for Senator; Nelson's clan are trying to spin this as some sort of voter suppression; like corruptly democratic Broward county is trying to suppress votes that are mostly going to be for a Democratic candidate. These unticked ballots are called "under votes"; most of the time the "intent" was to not bother to fill in the little circle.

The real reason, of course, is that many people only voted for Gillum because that's all they cared about. The heavy (D) turnout in FL was largely tied to the Black Candidate; it seems obvious to me that many people for Gillum simply went into the booth and voted for him. No need to waste their time reading the rest of the 6 page ballot.

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Harry B
There is a statute in Florida where "A close vote margin of less than or equal to 0.5% initiates a recount" which is what we had in at least the Senate race, how is that considered "well out of reach"?
Because it's never come close to happening? The statute is outdated. .5% is 40K votes; > 45K in a Presidential election. No recount with modern voting systems has ever changed the vote by more than a couple thousand votes. This recount will yield about 1000 votes max; at tremendous cost to taxpayers.

5,000 is a close race. 50,000 is not. .5% may have made sense when everyone was voting with paper ballots. It doesn't make any sense now.
Wise Man
The Dimms signed off on the ballot configuration so screw them..

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