Aug 17th, 2019
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Aug 12th, 2019

Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant

2568 E Sunrise Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33304
754 755-9463
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Hours: M-Th 11-10:30p, Fri-Sat 11-11:30p, Sun 11-10p
Parking: Mall Parking
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
HasWifi: Yes
Wifi password: None
Outdoor: No
Happy Hour: 3-6p, $6 Wine $7-$10 Appetizer menu


Huge, Attractive Space
Good Portions
Extensive Menu


Food is mediocre
Generic Wine at Brand Name Prices

Critic's Review

Cooper's Hawk, with locations in Coconut Creek and Pembroke pines, has opened a 15,000 sq foot restaurant in the space previously occupied by Natuzzii in the Galleria Mall.

The place is huge; they've taken over the old natuzzi space and wraps around to the other side.

You walk into a large room with is more like a gift shop than a restaurant; they're in the business of selling wine here. Why would I guy generic wine when I can get good stuff for half the price at Trader Joes?

Way, way at the end of the room is a reception area.

To the left is the bar; I didn't want to sit in the bar area.

The humorless hostess showed me to a table in a dark back section. While this area does offer privacy, it doesn't offer any light.

I quickly moved to another table on the other side of the way where all of the other diners were situated.

Lunch comes with bread; pretzel bread had made it onto every menu because every restauranteur in America has the same limited brain.

Soft break with nice soft butter. I tasted it but I didn't really want bread.

The menu here reminds me of Cheesecake Factory; many pages, lots of choices of pedestrian recipes. The lunch entrees menu is junk. I went with the soup and salad; order a wedge salad and the crab and lobster bisque.

The soup and salad came out together in 10 minutes.

All of the restaurants force these "combos" onto 1 plate. How are you supposed to eat soup like these? I moved the soup to my bread plate. It was piping hot; under-seasoned with chunks of stuff that didn't taste much like crab or lobster. I pulled out one of those mini-shrimp; pretty mediocre stuff.

I always ask for extra dressing for a wedge because the wedge is a lot of lettuce once you break it down.

This wedge had all the stuff on the side, so I decided to abandon the wedge in favor of a chopped salad.

Not a bad salad. The onions were cut into tiny squares and the dressing was too pungent. But overall not a bad salad.

A refill came in a separate glass with attention to detail.

Note to servers: If a customer asks for extra lemon in their iced tea, they probably also want it in the refill. This is how you maximize your tip.

I polished off the salad and I wouldn't need to eat again for many many hours.


The concept here is that Cooper's Hawk makes and sells their own wine. They have a winery in Illinois and the restaurant sells the wine in the restaurant and retail by the bottle in the store in the front. They push their "wine" club hard; it seems outdated to me; in the old days your wine choices were limited by whatever your local liquor store carried; today there are so many choices that "Wine Clubs" seem kind of silly.

The place reminds me of a Cheesecake Factory that specializes in wine; a massive restaurant with a massive menu that attempts to recreate every recipe known to common man. Lot's of bad Asian Fusion. A "Carbonara" with a "garlic cream sauce". Mall Food with a house Malbec?

That being said, it's a welcome addition to this mall; Darden is going to take a big hit as this place is more modern and more appealing than either the Capital Grille or Season's 52.

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