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Dec 28th, 2018

McAlister's Deli

7900 W Sunrise Blvd
Plantation FL, 33322
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Parking: Private Log
CC: Yes
Alcohol: None
Outdoor: No


Big Sandwiches


This Ain't No Deli
Supermarket Quality Meat

Critic's Review

From the outside this place looks like a "Deli" and the word is on the sign. But this is no deli.

McAlister's is a chain sandwich shop that doesn't sell most of the traditional deli items; they don't even have a pastrami sandwich.

There's no table service here. This is the dreaded "fast casual" format. There were 2 people in the place; I knew this wasn't going to be good, but I persevered.

There's a fast foodish counter where you place your order to fast food type people; there's no old Jewish guy behind the counter here.

There isn't even a beverage station; the "famous" iced tea is behind the counter and comes in an enormous cup so there's no need for refills. Lemon if you ask for it.

The sandwich came out in a few minutes.

Compared to other places, a good sized sandwich for $8.99. I asked the girl who brought the sandwich for some Deli mustard and she looked as me as if I had to heads. "Do you have it", I asked, knowing that it came on the New Yorker sandwich. "I'll check", she replied. Could I possibly be the first person to ask for deli mustard? As you can see it comes in packets.

This is supermarket corned beef; the kind that nobody who knows what corned beef tastes like buys. Flimsy bread; a sliver of a pickle and cole slaw that was well composed but too sweet.

Kind of cheap with the cheese; I had to look for it to ascertain that it was actually there. I ended up getting enough protein out of this meat and the iced tea lasted for the trip home and beyond.


Someone got the idea to open a quick serve sandwich shop and open in places where people don't know what a Deli is. Edgy sandwiches with cranberries and jalapeno like you get everywhere now; and a couple of deli sandwiches and subs.

It wasn't terrible and it's a pretty good value; no tipping required. Too bad they don't have good corned beef.

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