Jan 3rd, 2019
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Jan 3rd, 2019

Fort Lauderdale Sales Tax is now 7%

In case you haven't yet noticed, the sales tax just went up from 6% to 7% on January 1. With all of the construction; more people, more revenue, more high rise office buildings, you'd think that tax revenue would be pouring in.

While you were being tricked into voting for Trantalis and Glassman in the last election, you were also tricked into voting for an increase in sales tax for "combating traffic congestion". Remember that The Wave was also supposed to combat traffic congestion.

This money will go to politician's donor engineering companies that will do endless planning for projects that will never happen, like light rail projects. You've been snookered once again; it's what happens when stupid people vote.

So if you eat out a lot and spend a $10,000/year locally, you'll spend another $100 for nothing. On a large purchase the 1% is only applicable on the first $5000.

And I promise you they're not going to use the money to fix traffic problems.

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Tax Man
The comment on the car purchase is incorrect. County sales taxes are limited to the first $5,000 per purchases of tangible property (not services). The maximum county sales tax on the purchase of a car or other expensive piece of property (artwork/furniture/jewelry) is $50.
Good to know. I've updated the rant.
Progressive liberals running lauderdale we are screwed big time.
Why not use the money saved by killing the WAVE for these transportation projects? What about all of the taxes we paid for the WAVE that we're not getting back?

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