Feb 28th, 2019
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Feb 28th, 2019

CJ Blacks

11300 W State Rd 84
Davie FL, 33325
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Hours: Lunch and Dinner
Parking: Private Log
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full bar
HasWifi: Yes
Wifi password: cjblack123
Outdoor: Yes


Rock and Roll Music
Big Place
Easy Parking


Overpriced For this Location
Pedestrian Food

Critic's Review

I've skipped the last few iterations of this place, and it's now back to it's original Lefty's owners. From the menu they look to be charging Las Olas prices for pub food. But I was in the area so I thought I'd bite.

From the outside it looks pretty black and white; the entrance is no more inspiring.

Nobody at the bar; maybe there were 6 customers in the place at 2:30p.

I get a booth near a window. Nothing fancy about this place.

I order an iced tea with extra lemon and this is what I get. The server wasn't really paying attention to what I said.

I ask for more and she brings out a whole lemon. I would have been happy with 2 nice wedges.

Music in the place is CRANKING rock and roll. Journey, Van Halen, AC/DC and more Journey. No millenial-oriented nonsense here.

They have a bunch of unexpected lunch specials (no mention of them on the web site), but I ordered the $13 wedge salad. A wedge is only $9 at DelFrisco's, so why am I paying $13 in this place in the middle of nowhere?

Wireless here is superb with 100Mb/s download speed. The salad came out in 15 minutes.

Like a whole head of iceberg, with a thin coating of dressing. I've seen this movie before. Once the lettuce is dispersed, this amount of dressing is UNACCEPTABLE.

I ask for more and she brings out more than was originally on the salad.

This was a pedestrian salad with finely diced red onions and tomatoes and chewy bacon that didn't really taste like bacon. Decent dressing and fresh lettuce. About what you'd expect at a place like this.


I would have like to get the french onion soup, but at $9 I'd be looking at over $20 to get it with something else. The menu here is priced like a high end restaurant and it's really just a big place that serves pub food. They could have given me a smaller salad for $10.

Its also fairly clear that they're into the nickel and dime game; based on the minuscule lemon I got and the amount of dressing on my $13 salad. Things like that just make people feel like they're being cheated.

I do give the owners credit for just playing music they like; there's no dopey 23yo marketing chick here telling them they have to play bad music to get the Millenial friends groups to come here. They just don't care.

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The lunch menu provides some comedy in terms of spelling errors.

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