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Jun 7th, 2019


1035 SE 17th St
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33316
(954) 524-6163
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Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Full Bar
HasWifi: Doesn't Work
Outdoor: Yes


Lots of big TVs
Summer Specials


Outdated Decor
Lousy Food
Specials are a Secret

Critic's Review

The Quarterdeck on Cordova has moved to a new location, and it's a real MOTHER to find. The address is on SE 17th, but it's set back 200 yards behind Waxy's.

Once I found the place, I was greeted with tons of parking spots allocated to other businesses, so parking is limited. At 2:45 there were spots available.

There was a shower earlier that left puddles everywhere; downstairs there's a "lawn" area and an outside bar.

I thought upstairs would be more interesting, but I was wrong. There were 2 people up here, and it didn't look very inviting. I passed on upstairs.

Inside there's a big bar area and booths in the back; the decor is 1980s; I get that they're trying to maintain some of their identity, but when the identity is outdated, maybe it's time for a change?

I got a booth in the back and ordered an iced tea. I was given a regular menu with no mention of the "Specials"; another trademark of Quarterdeck is that if you don't know about the specials, too bad for you. My server tried the hard sell on the sushi; which I suspect is part of her job description.

Extra lemon here is a larger wedge than usual; they're sticking with the big spring break type cups which are big enough so that you don't need a refill.

My server seemed disappointed when I mentioned the "Endless Summer" specials; I ordered the half rack of ribs for $6.99 which comes with fries.

They have a nice big TV in the dining area; and with the Cubs playing a day game against the Cardinals; of course Ellen was on.

Sticking with the 70's decor theme; they have model ships on display. Kind of cool, but about as mainstream as fish tanks in modern times.

The Easy Star All Stars "Time" filled the air. A runner brought out the ribs.

It appeared they gave me a couple of extra ribs. They looked very saucy; luckily there are unlimited napkins on the table.

I asked about the WiFi and they said it didn't work. Luckily I have unlimited LTE and the signal was good.

The ribs had little taste; no smoke taste; they tasted like they were steamed. Overall they were edible. The fries were undercooked and not crispy; a waste of calories.

The ribs in the back were gray; not the same color as the bigger rack. I think maybe they give you some of yesterday's ribs just to get rid of them. Notice there's no cole slaw or anything that would actually go with ribs.

I asked for my check and I was out the door; never to return.


A leopard can't change it's spots, and neither can the Quarterdeck. There ribs weren't as bad as the ones I had many years ago at their Las Olas Boulevard location; but they weren't good.

They still have the same bad practices with their specials; and this location is the worst. The upstairs has a view of absolutely nothing, and the outside space is basically in a parking lot. There's really nothing interesting about the place; and except for the secret specials, it's not cheap anymore. $20 for mystery fish francaise? $11 for a burger; $14 for a wedge? It's not as bad as the fancy new rip-off restaurants, but it's too much to suffer through this place.

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