Jul 17th, 2019
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Jul 16th, 2019

First Watch

160 S Compass Way
Dania Beach FL, 33004
(954) 645-8090
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Hours: 7am - 2:30p
Parking: Private Lot, Metered Parking
CC: Yes
HasWifi: Yes
Wifi password: None
Outdoor: Yes


Lots of Free Parking
Breakfast All Day


Lousy Breakfast

Critic's Review

I got a free entree coupon good an any First Watch, so it was an opportunity to check out this new center they're building in Dania Beach. It's Hollywood to me; this is so far from the beach how could it still be Dania Beach? Another rant for another day.

This new shopping area is still evolving; I'm surprised that the restaurants opened before much of the retail. The lot requires that you go way past the restaurant and circle back. Anything to make things difficult. The good news is that there aren't many people around, so there are plenty of spots.

At 10:45am the place was pretty empty; there's a hostess station as you walk in and one of these dopey community tables in the waiting area; I guess it's kind of a signature as they had the same thing in Hollywood. Groups of dopey people who like eating in front of people waiting for tables.

He tried to seat me in the middle of the room, but I asked for a window booth. The furniture here is more edgy than comfortable, but I can get better pictures from a corner.

All of these First Watch restaurants are different; I don't think they really care about any kind of signature decor. They do have the big murals and specials blackboard in the rear, although you can't read it from most seats in the restaurant.

One good thing about First Watch is that they give you a whole pot of coffee and they have good cups; so you don't have to wait around for refills (or get a refill when you have your coffee creamed perfectly). They only the creamer pods with various kinds of creamers (non-dairy, vanilla, etc); they had to bring me half and half in a cup. You'd think they'd have a couple of little pitchers in the place; or at least something with a spout.

I had a nice view of the new Brands Mart, which would be great if it was 2007 and there was no Amazon or Best Buy. Do people really still shop there?

Beware they have their own ketchup, so you might want to bring your own if you're having burgers or fries.

The eggs took 20 minutes, which is way too long for eggs. I could have gotten any entree I wanted for free; but I went with the traditional breakfast. When done properly, it's my favorite breakfasts. This was another matter;

Look at those sorry looking eggs; not one thing on the plate looked good to me. No fat on the potatoes; no oil or butter; just dried out cubes with burned bits in between.

A dried out old sausage that was probably left over from Sunday Brunch. I couldn't even eat the ends they were so dried out.

Part of the experience is that they drop off your check diner style and you pay at the register as you leave. Notice the rollup wrapper that remained on the table throughout my visit; my server had multiple opportunities to scoop it up and never did, which says much about the training here.


I went to First Watch's original location in Boca back in 2012, and didn't think much of it; basic food in a fairly unappealing setting. Since they they've opened up many restaurants, and their all a bit different. I've had some fairly decent lunches; but the breakfasts are consistently bad. They haven't learned much about breakfast over the years.

With the coupon this only cost me a bit over $3. Good thing, because it wasn't worth the $15 regular price.

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