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Sep 24th, 2019

Due Compari

4337 N Ocean Dr
Lauderdale by the Sea FL, 33308


Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
Outdoor: No


The Pa D's people are out after many years and a new owner is taking over both spaces. They're pushing the chicken parm on facebook, so you know it's going to be something special.

There's also a problem with the fixed price items, while it makes the menu simpler; it doesn't make sense to charge the same for a veal parm sandwich and a meatball parm sandwich. So they'll probably scrimp on the Veal Parm to make it fit the price.

You also have to question the authenticity of the food from people who call broccoli rabe "broccoli rape". At first glance I thought this was a typo; but it appears 6 times on the menu. Broccoli rabe is a bitter green; broccoli rape is a weird sexual fetish.

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Someone pointed out that this place is not the same owners as before.

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