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Oct 28th, 2019

Red Ivy

200 SW 2nd St
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33301

Someone has taken over the Tarpon Bend and plans to open a "lounge" here. Sounds like something similar to Tarpon Bend; why do they think Red Ivy is a good name for a bar with bands? They'll need to get a 4COP Quota license which adds $125K to their startup costs.

They say they'll be serving "elevated Tapas"; which means overpriced small plates. Haven't we seen this movie before? They don't have a menu on their website; this place is a club, first and foremost.

There's a fixed crowd in this area, and this place won't be drawing anyone in with this idea. What's their plan, to steal some Tuesday business from Apothecary? Grab some overflow from Rooftop if it starts to rain?

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The pics of the guys in ball caps in the red lights with chandeliers are too funny!
Jon doe
Wow such a negative blog. You havent even tried any of these places that are opening soon that you have been commenting on.

I don't need to try it to think it's a stupid name or a duplicative idea.

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