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Wicked Cheesesteaks Pizza & Wings

4824 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308
954 616-8716
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Hours: M-Th 11=10p, Fri 11-12am, Sat 4-10p, Sun 12p-9:30p
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: No
Outside Dining: No

Critic's Review

Review 1/20/20

Wicked Pizza Fort Lauderdale

Big Louie's has closed without my ever considering trying it; and while this place is named Wicked Pizza, they also claim to have authentic Philly cheesesteak.

Inside the place looks like a typical take out pizzeria; half of the space is an ordering counter.

Wicked Pizza Inside

There's limited seating, but if your other choice is eating in your car you could eat here in a pinch.

Wicked Pizza Seating

I ordered a cheesesteak, onions mushrooms and provolone. I asked if the mushrooms were extra since it's not included on the menu, and he said he'd figure something out. I think they're extra if you don't say something.

The menu offers "sliced steak" or "chopped chicken" and I could hear him chopping away in the back. It took a while to make the sandwich; made to order has it's inconveniences. I went home and opened it up.

Wicked Cheesesteak

Here's the menu description of the sandwich:

Authentic Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich prepared with a heaping half-pound portion of your choice of grilled thin-sliced beef steak or grilled chopped chicken breast, grilled chopped onions, and melted provolone and mozzarella cheeses, served inside a famous Amoroso's hearth-baked hoagie roll (shipped down from Philly). Comes with a side of A1 steak sauce. Additional grill-ins, sauces, and sides are available.

I kind of knew that it was different from all the chopping. This is what I was expecting.

CheeseSteak From Geno's in Philadelphia

That's a real Philly cheesesteak. Note that Geno's charges $11 for a cheesesteak; here it's $12.99.

You can't eat this whole; take out lunch food should be ready to eat at your desk; do most people have big knives to cut a sandwich these days?

Wicked Cheesesteak Cut

It certainly was enough meat. It also comes with enough A1 steak sauce (or so they say) to drown a hamster. I didn't even taste it; who would put A1 on a cheesesteak? It looked like there might be some peppers in there, even though I specifically said I didn't want peppers.

I ate 1/2 the sandwich as prepared and I wasn't happy with it. The roll was top notch but the meat wasn't seasoned well and provolone never has enough flavor for me. I doubt there was any mozzarella on it, per the menu.

For the 2nd half I made some cheese sauce and it was much better:

Wicket Cheesesteak Sauce

As a "first time customer", he also threw this thing from the counter into the bag. I wasn't sure what it was.

Wicked Pizza Dessert thingy

Sort of like a muffin with icing. Not enough sugar to be a cake or a cookie. One taste and in the garbage. If you like low-sugar cake you might like it.


Something interesting is that the prices for online ordering are higher than the prices on the menu. Heros are $9.99 online and the menu says $8.99; and there's no way to pre-order a cheesesteak online as it's not even on the menu. Their Wicked Pizza website is parked; they also operate as Wicked Cheesesteak; the guy behind the counter is wearing a Red Sox cap and is from Maine.

Charging more than the real thing in Philly is one thing if the product is as good; but this isn't. To me the point of a cheesesteak is the cheese; it should burst with flavor. This sandwich was just "OK".

This just seems like a disorganized business that took over Big Louie's space and kitchen sink menu. The fact that you can't order a cheesesteak on Grubhub and the product/menu mismatch shows a lack of attention to basic detail.

At first I was excited that they offer 18" pizzas (the correct size for a large pizza), but a large pie with 1 topping is $22; and they have Big Louie's conveyer belt pizza oven. So I won't be getting a pizza from here.

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Yo Cuz
I lived in philly. Pat’s and Geno’s are for the tourists. There’s bad pizza places in NY, bad cheesesteak places in Philly, bad lobster roll places in Maine, and bad crab cake places in Maryland. If you have those problems in those places, I wouldn’t expect a progressive philly cheesesteak place to show up in south Florida. Being in South Florida you would think we would be swimming in great seafood restaurants, but those are few and far between too.
I think your logic is off; warm water seafood is vastly inferior to cold water seafood; so it's not really expected to have good seafood restaurants if you understand the cuisine. My point was you can't charge $13 for a sandwich that isn't any better than what you get at Mr NIcks for $9.75. Mr Nicks is better.

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