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Jun 7th, 2018

Heart Rock Sushi

1970 E Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33304
(954) 779-2735
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Dress Code: Casual
Parking: Private Lot
CC: Yes
Alcohol: Beer and Wine Only
Outdoor: No
Delivery: No


Nice Decor for an Asian Restaurant
Lunch Specials


Sub Par Food
Bad Location
No Blue or Yellow

Critic's Review

Review 8/6/14

I'd never been to heart rock sushi before. It took me 6 years to go to Sushi Rock, even with all of the hype, and I couldn't stand the place. There's a running assumption that all of the "Rock" sushi places are related, but they're not. There's no relationship between this place and Sushi Rock on Las Olas.

I really had no idea what it was like inside; it's really rather nice. Certainly nicer than Sushi Rock, which is like going into a back room at a Vegas Strip club.

On June 12, someone crashed a car into the place, and now one of the windows is covered with plywood and a pillar is covered and under repair.

It happened early afternoon just about where I was sitting, so it's a good thing that I didn't go on that day.

They have a sushi bar and another bar in the rear in the long, narrow room.

I ordered iced tea and they actually had lemon; no Splenda however. I asked for more lemon a bit later when I placed my order.

I ordered the Sushi and Sashimi combo, which comes with 4 pieces Sashimi, 3 sushi, 1/2 california roll and 1 shumai (pork dumpling). I also got a choice of miso soup or a salad; I tried the peanut sauce since I don't care for ginger.

The salad came out right away.

Typical asian salad with bad dressing. They really can't get some ranch or thousand island? Asian dressings are just awful. I fought my way through,eating about 1/ 2 the salad.

They play decent music, I recognized "Sweet Dreams" and something by Fleetwood Mac. A dude brought out the combo without too much of a wait.

I pretended to know how to use chopsticks; actually I insist on using them correctly rather than use the pinch method use by many cretins. I actually could eat everything here with chopsticks; I can't eat rice unless I want to spend 3 hours at the table.

The "sashimi" was sliced kind of thick; I would have preferred if they sliced the salmon in half and gave me 9 pieces (no extra cost). The Nigiri was sliced thiner. The fish didn't seem to be great quality. The california roll wasn't very good either; the rice wasn't moist or sticky and the it didn't have much taste. The roll I had at Pei Wei as much better than this. I was also disappointed that the dumpling was deep fried. I was hoping for something more delicate.

I did like the noodles, which taste a lot better than a bland bowl of rice. Of course I'm not doing carbs so I only had a taste.

Even the Ginger seemed old. I guess it doesn't go bad but there was something withered about it.

Nice place, but I wonder about the quality of the food.

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This place will be operating under new ownership; some first-timers from Miami.

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