Jan 6th, 2019
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Aug 1st, 2011

Waxy O'Connor's

1095 SE 17th St
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33316
(954) 525-9299
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Waxy O'Conner is closed for renovations; they planned on opening in October, but it will be a lot longer than that.

Waxy's is one of those places that you might get a bad idea about if you've never been inside. When you drive by it on E17th Street, there's usually a bunch of dudes on the patio drinking and smoking. This is a place where Euros gather to watch Soccer. During big games, like the world cup, the place overflows into the parking lot.

Inside, Waxy's is your standard Irish pub. A bit on the old side, they have a big room air conditioner humming away to help the central air which struggles in the summer months. There's a big bar and of course, nice big flat screens to watch the games.

When there's no game on, it's a pretty quiet irish put. With no windows inside, you'll hardly know you're right on a main drag.

I ordered some iced tea, and this is another place that's cutting back on lemons. They give you a little sliver that can't possibly make an impact on a 16oz iced tea. This is a trend which is really becoming an annoyance.

I decided to go with some Irish fare, so I started off with the potato leek soup. It's only available in a bowl, and it's one of those narrow bowls so it's not all that much. At $4.95 it's enough as a starter.

The soup isn't a smooth puree; it's a bit lumpy and a bit salty. Not great and not bad. For a main course, I had the bangers and mash.

Lumpy mash, caramelized onions and 3 well-browned irish sausages; comfort food at it's finest. Surprisingly, it wasn't as flavorful as expected. It would have benefited with some extra onions or a bit more seasoning in the gravy, but overall it was decent bar grub.

As Irish Pubs go, Waxy's is a few dollars cheaper for lunch than Maguire's Hill or The Field. The bangers and mash were only $9.50 here, which is a fair price for what I got.

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Waxy's is the perfect example of opening a can of worms with a renovation. Add to that construction that doesn't match the approved plans, and you have a project that takes a lot longer than expected. As of early Jan, this place is not close to re-opening.

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